Wilderness Medicine Fellowship

Stanford Wilderness Medicine Section is dedicated to the critical analysis of the world around us and promotes research that furthers the understanding of wilderness medicine. Fellows are expected to contribute to ongoing projects, and/or conceive and perform original investigations leading to presentations and publication of results. The Stanford Wilderness Medicine Section has a strong track record as a leader in wilderness medicine research, with several projects each year that serve to promote injury prevention and innovative treatment at the intersection of the human body and the outdoors.

A two-year fellowship allows fellows to receive specialized research skills training such as the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s Advanced Research Methodology Evaluation and Design course, or audit a Stanford University class on epidemiology and clinical research methods.

Stanford Wilderness Medicine Research has been supported by grant funding from the following insitutions: 

    • The Wilderness Medical Society
    • RacingThePlanet
    • The American Alpine Club
    • Institute for Altitude Medicine
    • Divers Alert Network
    • Department of Naval Research
    • The Department of Defense

Stanford Wilderness Medicine faculty and fellows have published their research on a wide range of topics including:

    • Ibuprofen for prevention of acute mountain sickness
    • Novel frostbite treatments
    • Paper tape for prevention of foot blisters in ultramarathons
    • Study of ultrasound for optic nerve sheath diameter on ascent to high altitude
    • Prevention of high altitude headache
    • Acute kidney injury in multi-stage ultramarathons
    • Randomized controlled trials of novel devices and interventions for prevention and     treatment of acute mountain sickness, hyperthermia, and hypothermia
    • Snakebite treatments
    • Prospective clinical determinants for summit success on the Denali
    • Efiicacy of topical treatments for jellyfish stings
    • Other ongoing and planned multi-site clinical trials around the world

Fellows at Stanford have access to bench, translational, and clinical research experts and resources as well as statisticians and mentorship to develop cutting edge research projects. Fellow projects have resulted in presentations at regional, national and international scientific conferences and multiple peer reviewed publications.