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LGBTQ+ Training for Healthcare Workers

Michael Gisondi, MD and partners recently launched "Teaching LGBTQ+ Health’ Course: Training a New Generation of Affirming Health Providers and Educators." Open to all, the interactive course covers LGBTQ+ health vocabulary -- terms such as gender, sexual orientation and queer -- social and behavioral determinants of queer health, and disease prevalence and prevention. It also teaches strategies for how to share the information taught in the class with others.

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Viral Facts on COVID-19

Viral Facts is a regular series presented by DigitalMedic featuring our Stanford Emergency Medicine faculty, dedicated to quickly and credibly answering common COVID-19 questions.

4 Things to Know About COVID-19

COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases


COVID-19 and Intimate Partner Violence

Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine in partnership with Next Door Solutions offers a series of educational video discussing the most common COVID-19 questions and answers.

A second series explores topics in intimate partner violence and how incidents may be impacted by COVID-19 pandemic conditions. 

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See full Intimate Partner Violence series here

Myths & Misinformation



Infodemic: A Conference on COVID-19 Misinformation and Social Media

In 2021, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine co-hosted a virtual consensus conference featuring experts from around the globe who explored how social media and other digital platforms are routinely leveraged to misinform the public about COVID-19. Recordings of the sessions are now available.

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Stanford EM Innovation Symposium (StEMiX)

Stanford Emergency Medicine Innovation Virtual Symposium is dedicated to precision emergency medicine, and the creation, integration, and dissemination of innovative tools and ideas. Recordings of our StEMiX 2021 sessions and pre-event sessions are now available. Learn about telehealth, medical education, innovation and more!

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