Racial Gaps in Residencies

According to a new study from Christopher Bennett, MD and Maame Yaa Yiadom, MD the lack of Black and Latino medical residents has shown little improvement.

Testing COVID Antibodies

Andra Blomkalns, MD, MBA leads clinical trial testing of antibodies designed to block the coronavirus from infecting human cells.

Multilingual Online COVID Training

Our faculty developed a multi-lingual online training to help providers worldwide recognize, stabilize and treat COVID-19. 

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Training

Michael Gisondi, MD and partners launch "Teaching LGBTQ+ Health’ Course: Training a New Generation of Affirming Health Providers and Educators"

Making COVID-19 Testing More Accessible

Our recent trials demonstrate people can do their own nasal swabs for accurate COVID-19 testing. 

The 5 Types of Concussions

Explore Angela Lumba-Brown, MDs groundbreaking work on TBI sub-types and treatments.

Using Technology to Connect

With iPad, COVID-19 patients see the caregiver behind the mask

A New Sepsis Test

Samuel Yang, MD is developing a rapid and lower-cost method of testing and diagnosis of infections. 

New Innovation Podcast

The Stanford Emergency Medicine Innovation (StEMI) podcast features Dan Imler, MD interviewing leaders and innovators in EM. 

Where COVID Walks In

Creating resilience in the emergency department - Andra Blomkalns, MD shares how the ED crew has prevailed during COVID-19. 

Anyone, Antime, Anything

Michael Bresler, MD reflects on EMTALA and his efforts to ensure emergency healthcare for all. 

One New Hospital, Two New EDs

With the opening of a new hospital, Stanford now offers separate adult, pediatric emergency departments.

In The News

Recent Awards & Honors

William Mulkerin, MD received the EMS Distinguished Service Medal by the California EMS Authority. More

Moises Gallegos, MD received the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching!

The Department of Emergency Medicine received the ISP Star Award 

Michael Gisondi, MD, received the SAEM Stanford Franklin G. Ebaugh Award Jr. Advising Award

Phillip Harter, MD received the ACEP National Emergency Medicine Faculty Teaching Award

Stanford EM received the AWAEM Outstanding Department Award