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Former Stanford EM Fellow Leroy Sims, MD talks about serving as the NBA's medical director in charge of running the bubble, and also what it means to be a Black physician in America. Watch here

Drs. Al'ai Alvarez and Italo Brown co-authored "ER doctors: We're no strangers to violence but we try to de-escalate without anyone dying." Read the USA Today piece. Listen to Dr. Alvarez discuss on the Stanford 1:2:1 podcast.

"The 5 Types of Concussions - And how to treat each one" explores Angela Lumba-Brown, MDs groundbreaking work on TBI sub-types.

Chair Andra L. Blomkalns, MD and Prasanthi Govindarajan, MD collaborated with Stanford colleagues to demonstrate people can be taught to do their own nasal swabs for accurate COVID-19 testing. Learn more

A Stanford doctor’s COVID-19 experience: ‘I didn’t know what was ahead’ from Peter D'Souza, MD. Read more.

Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine has received the Outstanding Department Award from the Academy of Women in Academic Emergency Medicine! Watch video

Social distancing through the eyes of a toddler - Benjamin Lindquist, MD writes a book for his daughter to explain the new reality under COVID.  More

How does COVID-19 testing work? The New York Times follows Ultrasound Fellow Jamshid Mistry, MD through the process. Watch video

With iPad, COVID-19 patients see the caregiver behind the mask


Stanford emergency medicine physician Italo Brown, MD explains health and medicine to a GQ audience and to people in at-risk communities.

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Moises Gallegos, MD crafts a children's book tribute to his  physician wife.

Sam Yang, MD is exploring a new testing platform that would analyze genetic sequences within the bacteria and cellular response to antibiotics to make a targeted sepsis diagnosis - cutting diagnosis from days to hours. 

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Michael Bresler, MD reflects on his efforts to ensure emergency healthcare for all. 

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Chair Andra Blomkalns, MD and Drs. Alexei Wagner and Kimberly Schertzer discuss novel approaches to teambuilding in a recent Stanford Medicine article.


With the opening of a new hospital, Stanford now offers separate adult, pediatric emergency departments.

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