Critical Care Fellowship

Stanford has a long tradition of multidisciplinary training in critical care.  Emergency physicians have been training in critical care at Stanford for over 20 years, the first fellow having graduated in 1996. 

Two pathways are available at Stanford for graduates of an EM residency: IM-CCM and A-CCM

For more details on the CCM fellowships at Stanford, please visit Stanford University Critical Care Fellowship Program.

General Information About Critical Care Fellowships for EM Residents

EMRA Critical Care Division Webpage

EM-CCM Fellowship Webpage
Includes an index of CCM training programs that accept EM applicants

EMRA Fellowship Publications Webpage
Acces the current edition of the EMRA fellowship guide.


Training and Board Certification Opportunities for Emergency Medicine-Trained Graduates

There are currently four pathways for EPs to become board-certified in CCM: Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine (IM-CCM), Anesthesiology-Critical Care Medicine (A-CCM), Surgical Critical Care (SCC), and Neuro-Critical Care (N-CC).  There are also Resuscitation and Research fellowships available that allow EPs to train further with an emphasis in managing critically ill patients, but currently are not ACGME certified.

Each pathway and programs within the pathways have unique aspects of training timeline for application. For detailed application and curriculum information, please visit the individual program websites or contact them directly. 

All the paths apply equally to EPs who completed or will complete either 3-year or 4-year residency training programs.