Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship

Jumpstart Your Academic Career in Emergency Ultrasound!

The two-year Stanford Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship allows each fellow to develop a unique academic niche.

A tuition assistance stipend is also available to fellows who pursue an advanced degree (MS, MPH, MBA, etc.) as part of their career development. All of our two-year AEMUS fellowship graduates have gone on to coveted academic positions.

If you are interested in jump-starting an academic career in Emergency Ultrasound, the Stanford AEMUS fellowship is the place for you!

Benefits of our two-year AEMUS fellowship

  • Individualized learning plans and tailored training

  • Fellows are paired with world-class mentors in their area of interest to explore Emergency Ultrasound through the lenses of innovation and design, social emergency medicine, global health, and information technology, and exploration into other areas is encouraged. Select the " Fellows" tab above to see how previous fellows have capitalized on this.

  • Collaboration between fellows and mentors is a cornerstone of the first year. Fellows and mentors craft impactful research and administrative projects, laying the groundwork for a successful academic career.

  • In the first year, fellows complete all core AEMUS fellowship requirements, allowing ample time in the second year to deepen their focus area, secure a prestigious faculty position, and assume, leadership roles in the ultrasound section and beyond.

Time to develop high-impact research

  • Fellows begin by brainstorming research ideas with their niche area mentors.

  • Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine has one of the most robust research infrastructures in the country to support fellows in research methodology and successful grant writing.

  • Fellows further develop their research idea and methodology at the Stanford Intensive Course for Clinical Research (ICCR) and in meetings with faculty and peer mentors from outside the department.

  • Additional formal research training is available if desired.  To date, one of our fellows has completed an MPH at the University of California, Berkeley and another completed an MBA at Boston University.  A $25K Tuition assistance stipend is available during each year of the fellowship ($50K total).

Innovation in the Bay Area

  • Fellows receive mentorship from national leaders in the diverse subspecialties of POCUS and emergency medicine including research, education, innovation, global health, and more. 

  • Our department and hospital define the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies including AI, telemedicine and teleultrasound guidance, up-and-coming handheld devices, and innovative education and assessment theories.

  • If you want to be exposed to the latest POCUS innovations and even explore industry partnerships at the forefront of ultrasound technology, come join our program!

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Stanford's Emergency Medicine Ultrasound program is one of the oldest and most robust in the country. Learn more about the leaders and innovations in our broader ultrasound enterprise.