Dr. Andra Blomkalns Appointed as Chair of Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Andra Blomkalns, a leader in medical device innovation and translational medicine, will head Stanford’s emergency medicine department. “I’m thrilled to be coming to Stanford,” said Blomkalns. "Stanford has the unique capacity to become the home of the world’s leading experts in emergency care innovation.”

Empowering Women in India

Female villagers in India who might otherwise be marginalized are becoming healthcare providers, thanks to an app developed by Dr. Ayesha Khan and Stanford Emergency Medicine. The story, which spans many decades and several continents, is featured in SCOPE. 


Star of Stanford: Dr. Gharahbaghian

"It takes just one case to make you a believer. Bedside ultrasound can save a life...I would love for every single medical student to learn how to use ultrasound." Dr. Laleh Gharahbaghian is profiled in a Stars of Stanford article. 


Dr. Boukhman to Serve on Military Advisory Panel

Dr. Milana Boukhman has been invited to serve on the Medicine panel of the Future of Military Medicine Study sponsored by the Principal Assistant for Research & Technology (PART) of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. The goal of the panel is to influence investment strategies in support of the military medical mission.

Stanford Emergency Department Goes Vertical

Stanford Hospital’s “vertical flow model” replaced horizontal stretchers with comfortable chairs. The result? Maximized use of space and reduced length of stay, according to a recent study. Learn more >

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