Ultrasound Elective

Application Steps

1) Obtain pre-approval from the Department of Emergency Medicine

2) Apply through the Stanford School of Medicine


Stanford Emergency Medicine offers two opportunities for an ultrasound elective. The goal of this 2- or 4-week training is for residents to receive didactical and technical trainin in diagnostic ultrasonography.

All current emergency medicine residents are required to have some exposure to diagnostic bedside ultrasound. This rotation provides in-depth, hands-on training for a variety of modalities.

EMED 308A - Med Students

Medical students learn, practice, and review all applications for emergency US.

Participants attend weekly scanning shifts, QA review, and US lectures/workshops, and learn to scan independently (with supervision)in the ED.

Participants also attend the weekly EM Resident Core Curriculum to continue to learn emergency medicine.

In the 2-week elective, participants achieve Level 1 credentialing according to ACEP. There is an option to do a 4-week elective. 

Visitors to Stanford should review the checklists for all visiting staff. We sign Stanford's Affiliation Agreement. We also provide a Letter of Completion and complete evaluation forms from your institution.

EMED 216 - Undergraduate & Med Students

This elective for undergraduate and medical student is only offered Winter quarter.

This course introduces Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to the preclinical medical student, and provides in-depth and hands-on familiarity with POCUS for a variety of modalities.

Emphasis is on developing skills to enhance image acquisition and interpretation. The applications as defined by the American College of Emergency Medicine will be the main focus.

Applications taught include:

  • eFAST
  • thoracic
  • renal
  • RUQ
  • aorta
  • limited ECHO
  • IVC
  • first trimester pelvic
  • DVT
  • orbital
  • MSK

During hands-on session, students serve as scanning models and scan their peers. Students also participate in scan shifts in the emergency department, and participate in online and computer-based learning.

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