Establishing and Strengthening EM Systems

Stanford Emergency Medicine International

Emergency Medical Services

INDIA - Over the past decade, SEMI has collaborated with GVK EMRI on several projects to improve prehospital care delivery in India, including the creation of country-wide protocols, training programs and research efforts. 

Medical Care

CAMBODIA – As part of a broad effort to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations, we are working with local partners and the Ministry of Health to improve access to emergency care by creating tools to strengthen the country’s emergency referral system, implementing novel patient triage systems, creating and disseminating provider capacity building education and job-aids, and enhancing data collection and quality improvement practices.

Ambulance Services

NEPAL – In collaboration with the Nepal Ambulance Service, we have developed 27+ locally appropriate prehospital care guidelines, and created a custom-built mobile app to allow for point of care access to the information for ambulance providers. Using data collected through the app, SEMI is identifying practice gaps, and utilizing this information to create targeted quality improvement interventions.

Rural Acute Care Providers

INDIA - SEMI is training 50 women to become healthcare providers (one provider per village) that diagnose and manage select acute care complaints in two of India's most populous states, where 80% live in rural villages and 40% live below the poverty line.

Gender Based Violence

INDIA - SEMI is improving coordination and access to emergency medicine services across different partners, and exploring barriers that prevent women from utilizing services.

Nepal Medical Program

NEPAL - This multi-year initiative is building reproducible health care delivery programs and constructing a clinic. SEMI trains health workers for the future clinic, provides primary care in the interim, and collects epidemiological data to understand what services the future clinic will need to provide.


At a Glance

SEMI focuses on creating lasting change by establishing and strengthening emergency care systems. Projects vary depending on need and resources, and ohave included:

  • Developing triage and patient flow protocols
  • Establishing organized referral systems
  • Providing quality assurance data for prehospital care
  • Building stakeholder engagement

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