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Stanford Emergency Medicine International

Gender Based Violence

INDIA - SEMI is studying records of helpline calls, and conducting in-person interviews to develop a clearer understanding of women's needs that will serve to strengthen and grow helpline services and technology.

Neonatal Referral System

INDIA - SEMI is working to improve neonatal IFTs for critically ill infants by conducting research to identify strengths and gaps in primary, secondary, and tertiary public hospitals.

Epidemiology of Prehospital Emergencies

INDIA - SEMI is using EMS data as a novel source for understanding the epidemiology of pediatric emergencies in India. Our findings will be used to improve EMT quality of care and strengthen systems for children.

Provider Support Tools

NEPAL - SEMI has developed 27+ locally appropriate care guidelines for ambulance drivers, and created a custom-built mobile app to provide quick access to the information. Using data collected through the app, SEMI is identifying practice gaps, and collaborating on ways to address these gaps from systems, education, and organizational standpoint.

EM Instructor Development

MYANMAR - SEMI is collecting data on learning best practices from our train-the-trainer program, which enables graduates of our Myanmar emergency medicine diploma course to become instructors themselves.

Online Medical Research Program

INDIA - SEMI is evaluating data from EMTs to determine how to improve EMT education, protocols, and reaching the most vulnerable patients. Multiple studies include obstetric emergencies, burns, chest pain, trauma, seizures, pediatric shortness of breath, stroke, among others.

At a Glance

Research is a fundamental component of SEMI's long-term approach to global emergency medicine. By collecting and evaluating data in low- to middle-income countries (LMICs), SEMI can identify areas of challenge and opportunity. Studies include:

  • Exploring emergency medical condition epidemiology in LMICs
  • Uncovering gender disparities and gender-based violence
  • Researching emergency provider education modalities
  • Identifying referral patterns and systems for maternal child health

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