Stanford Emergency Medicine International

EMT Refresher Course

INDIA - SEMI and partner GVK EMRI recently completed a series of continuing education courses for EMTs focusing on five key emergency topics: cardiovascular; obstetrics and gynecology; trauma; pediatrics; and leadership/communication. 

Emergency Medicine Diploma Course

MYANMAR - SEMI has developed and implemented an 18-month curriculum in emergency medicine for active physicians, designed to elevate clinical skills as well as train-the-trainers for long-term growth.

Digital Medic

UGANDA – Working with Makerere University of Health Sciences, we are creating a 5-week emergency medicine introductory course for medical students with limited exposure to the specialty. The course relies on high-quality online, mobile app-hosted learning modules to compliment in-classroom learning sessions.  Tools may ultimately be shared with partners and learners throughout the world.

District Hospital Course

RWANDA - SEMI is piloting a 5-week emergency medicine introductory course for students, using online learning tools combined with weekly hands-on education sessions. We are also creating a curriculum for a  two-week required clerkship in emergency medicine for  medical students.

EMT Training App

INDIA - In collaboration with Medical Technologies at Berkeley and GVK EMRI, SEMI is developing a web-based gaming application to support education for EMTs in India

Advanced Pediatric Life Support Course

BHUTAN - SEMI has developed and implemented an APLS simulation, train-the-trainer curriculum to help local health care providers recognize and stabilize acutely ill infants and children, develop a sustainable training network, and improve the quality of pediatric resuscitative care in healthcare facilities.

Clinical Education for Hospital Workers

RWANDA - SEMI is teaching clinical skills to residents, developing emergency medicine as a specialty in Rwanda, and working with district hospitals to train GPs in acute care.

At a Glance

SEMI focuses on:

  • Developing online and blended training courses
  • Building mobile training solutions
  • Creating train-the-trainer and facilitator courses
  • Establishing task-shifting programs in villages

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