For Our Applicants

Thank you for considering Stanford Emergency Medicine for your training! 

These are unprecedented times and our mission remains to fulfill your educational needs given any situation that might arise.  We understand that the current situation can cause stress on an applicant and we are here to streamline this process for you as much as possible.

We will keep you updated on this year’s application process as we move to virtual interviews.  Our goal is to make your interview process as personal and individualized as possible to help you make the most informed decision about your future!

Get Involved Now!

We are committed to helping you find the best precision fit for your future goals. You’re invited to sit in on opportunities this summer to get a feel for our resident experience.

Please contact program coordinator Bianca Velasquez to learn more about:

  • Journal Clubs
  • ACCEL line Mixers (July, August, September)
  • Conference


  • We are excited to review your application as soon as ERAS opens to us on October 21! 
  • Invitations to interview will be sent the last week of October
  • Interviews will start the first week of November.

We Understand

The current issues faced by current medical students and their health and well being is our top priority. We understand students will not be able to do away rotations and ideally, each student will complete one EM rotation, typically at their home institution.

Therefore, we will be expecting only one EM SLOE in your application. We encourage Non-EM SLOEs, using the O-SLOE template.

Commitment to Diversity

Our goal is to create a medical team reflective of the community and the world we serve. We achieve this goal by ensuring the inclusion and representation of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability. 

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Department of Emergency Medicine
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Main Line: 650-723-6576

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