Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Innovation & News

  • Quality, Equity, and AI in Emergency Cardiac Care

    Maame Yaa (Maya) Yiadom, MD and a team of emergency medicine physician-researchers tested an AI model against human practice in identifying patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Their findings emphasize the disparities in age-based ACS screening and highlight the delicate interplay between human expertise and AI algorithms in the pursuit of precision emergency care.

  • What Digital Health Tells Us About Disease

    Christine Ngaruiya, MD, uses Natural Language Processing to uncover gender disparities in noncommunicable diseases, while also leading initiatives at the intersection of health and climate change, fostering targeted interventions and policy changes worldwide.

  • Evaluating Latinx Mental Health in the Community

    Jennifer Newberry, MD, JD, leads a bilingual team in a multi-year collaboration with community partners to assess and address mental health usage patterns in the East San José Latinx community.

  • Emergency Care Post-Dobbs

    Monica R. Saxena, MD, JD, assistant professor of emergency medicine, developed a protocol to offer medication abortions to patients in the Stanford Hospital emergency department (ED), in collaboration with Carl Preiksaitis, MD, emergency medicine fellow, and Andrea Henkel, MD, MS, assistant professor and complex family planning subspecialist in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

  • Emergency Care for Patients with Dementia

    Michelle Lin, MD, MPH, MS, an advocate for comprehensive geriatric care, investigates the accessibility and impact of geriatric emergency departments, aiming to bridge the gap for marginalized populations.

  • Digital Solutions to Create Equity in Mentoring

    Dr. Sally Mahmoud-Werthmann is addressing underrepresentation in emergency medicine by developing a virtual mentorship platform to connect mentees with mentors who share similar lived experiences.

  • Health Equity in the Pediatric ED with Dr. Cherrelle Smith

    Growing up in a small, rural community one hour away from the nearest in-network physician, Cherrelle Smith, MD was aware from an early age of limitations on access to health care. Now assistant medical director of the Stanford Pediatric Emergency Department (ED), Dr. Smith has focused her efforts on expanding access to care as well as mitigating the behaviors and microaggessions that can marginalize female and black physicians.

  • Exploring the Need for Inclusion and Parity in EM

    Numbers tell a story and Christopher Bennett, MD is determined to share that story; in the past several years he and collaborators have published seven studies focused on parity and inclusion - or the lack thereof - in academic medicine and emergency medicine.

  • Improving Healthcare for At-Risk Populations

    Jody Vogel, MD, vice chair for academic affairs for Stanford’s Department of Emergency Medicine, is investigating interventions to reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality of care for frequent emergency department visitors with complex needs, thanks to a five-year Career Development Grant Award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

  • Teaching LGBTQ+ Healthcare

    Mike Gisondi, MD led the development of a course to train providers around the country in inclusive care for LGBTQ+ patients.

  • Training Future Physicians on Health Equity and Social Justice

    Italo Brown, MD is working to ensure health equity and social justice training is part of medical school curriculum.

  • Black Resident Spotlight Presents: Mariame Fofana – Emergency Medicine

    Resident Mariame Fofana, MD shares how her upbringing informs her experiences in medicine and at Stanford. (Stanford Medicine DEI video)…