Profiles in Innovation

Innovation requires vision, energy, resources, and persistence, but the genesis can come from many sources. Below we profile emergency medicine physicians and educators who are helping to innovate the field,  through care pathways, physician wellness, research and more.

Samuel Yang, MD: Testing & Diagnosis

Samuel Yang, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine, aims to develop a rapid and lower-cost method of testing and diagnosis of infections, that would in turn, inform targeted treatments. The study will include broad bacterial detection, species identification, and antibiotic susceptibility profiling.

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Rebecca Smith-Coggins, MD: Advancing Physician Wellness

"We went from this voice in the wilderness trying to raise awareness of what was considered a fluffy social science [physician wellness] to now leading the field in what has become a topic of national concern.”

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Laleh Gharabhagian, MD: Innovating Ultrasound Train

"I realized that the platform for medical education in point-of-care ultrasound is very broad and there were additional ways for learners to learn, including game-based formats."

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Jennifer Wilson, MD: New Approach to ARDS

“There is a lot of uncertainty and risk in the clinical side of emergency medicine. Research helps contribute to my emotional balance. It’s a different kind of work...allowing different parts of my brain to engage.”

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Daniel Imler, MD: Innovating Clinical Pathways

“Our evidence base has grown so large so quickly it is impossible to keep everything in your head, especially for generalists in the ED.” Dr. Daniel Imler explains how his background in programming informed his decision to create an electronic resource for physicians.

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Holly Caretta-Weyer, MD is Reimagining EM Residency

The AMA is providing $1.25M over five years to Holly Caretta-Weyer, MD and Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine as part of their Reimagining Residency program aimed at promoting systemic change in emergency medicine training.

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