Emergency Medicine Physician Wellness Fellowship

One of the first of its kind in the nation, this fellowship program is led by nationally-recognized faculty, preeminent in the field of physician wellness.

Wellness in the emergency department presents significant challenges from a systems and individual perspective. Emergency physicians have one of the highest burnout rates in medicine. Given the emerging link between physician wellness and patient care, impacting the wellness and effectiveness of just one physician can impact the lives of thousands of people they will treat.

Stanford has established itself as a preeminent institution in the study and promotion of physician wellness. Fellows benefit from immersion in the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine, which has made physician wellness a top priority, and Stanford Healthcare and Stanford School of Medicine, which have demonstrated a strong commitment to physician wellness, offering a designated Chief Wellness Officer position, a WellMD Center, and an Office of Medical Student Wellness.

This one-year fellowship can be extended by one additional year to apply and complete a Masters of Education.


The primary goals of this fellowship are to:

1) Master how to navigate and process the constantly-expanding knowledge base of physician wellness literature.

2) Take a leadership role in our Department of Emergency Medicine physician wellness plan.

3) Participate in our Stanford Health Care physician wellness efforts.

4) Develop, implement, analyze, and present a personal research project relating to physician wellness. There is also an expectation to write a publishable manuscript.

5) Create and develop physician wellness projects throughout the year.

6) Create and deliver educational sessions for various audiences including medical students, residents, nurses and faculty.

7) Participate as clinically active faculty at the level of Instructor in the Clinician Educator line.


Wellness is not just a focus of study. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits of our beautiful locale, including close proximity to urban entertainment in San Francisco, the restorative Napa/Sonoma Valley wine country, and the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains for hiking and skiing.

From the Washington Post

Time in the bank: A Stanford plan to save doctors from burnout

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Rebecca Smith-Coggins, MD

Associate Dean, Office of Medical Student Wellness

Emergency Medicine Physician Wellness Fellowship Director

Professor, Emergency Medicine

Email: Rebecca Smith-Coggins

Cori Poffenberger, MD

Director of Faculty Development and Wellness

Email: Cori Poffenberger