Medical Education Scholarship Fellowship

This SAEM-approved, two-year fellowship is designed for a graduate of residency interested in becoming an exceptional educator. This will be done using multiple disciplines.

The fellow will learn:

  • curriculum development
  • tools to be an effective lecturer
  • different methods of evaluating learners


Fellows are given the opportunity to network through national conferences and acquire skills to be a successful academician through the ACEP teaching fellowship.

Fellows are also given guidance to create an academic research project with the goal of publication. Ultimately the fellowship will prepare the fellow for a career excelling in education, clinical work, research and residency leadership.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the fellowship, please contact:

Jennifer Kanapicki, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Medical Education Scholarship Fellowship
E-Mail: Jennifer Kanapicki

Phillip Harter, MD
Associate Professor (Teaching)
Co-Director, Medical Education Scholarship Fellowship
E-Mail: Phillip Harter

Department of Emergency Medicine
Suite 350, 900 Welch Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94304
t: (650) 498-5220
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