Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Stanford EMIG guides career exploration in emergency medicine, facilitating interaction with EM healthcare professionals and providing clinical experiences for students. 


- Establishes mentorship relationships between Stanford EM physicians and students

- Organizes clinical workshop

- Serves as a resource to medical students in their EM residency application.

EMIG also serves as a liaison between the medical students at Stanford University and the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine(AAEM). 

Faculty Sponsor

William Dixon, MD

EMIG Listserv

EM news, resources, and events for medical students.

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Tips and Advice


Year-long Activities

  • Attending/Resident Mentorship
  • Research Opportunities
  • Wednesday Conference
  • Journal Club

Monthly Workshops

  • Airway Workshop
  • In Flight Emergencies
  • Suturing Lab
  • Ultrasound Workshop
  • Splinting Practice
  • Wilderness Topics
  • Naloxone Training
  • And more!

Special Events


  • Activities Fair
  • Welcome picnic
  • “Airways” Event – Open Mic Story Telling


  • “Road to Residency” Advice Sessions
  • Mentor/Mentee Event
  • Wilderness Race

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Main Line: 650-723-6576

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