Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship


About the Program

The Emergency Medicine clerkship offers medical students the unique opportunity to care for undifferentiated ill patients in the acute care setting of the Emergency Department (ED). Students will be exposed to the unique challenges of clinical decision making with disease states that often evolve during the course of a patient’s presentation. Students will take part in caring for patients that are critically illtraumatically injured, or suffering complications of chronic illness. They will also be exposed to the social determinants of health that influence a patient’s receiving care in the ED.

Clerkship Objectives

  • Develop data-gathering skills that are focused, complaint-driven, accurate and thorough
  • Compile data into problem lists, differential diagnoses, and create a management plan
  • Communicate effectively within the roles of Doctor-Patient, Learner-Teacher, and within interdisciplinary teams
  • Develop life-long learning skills that focus upon evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of information


Clinical Responsibilities

  • A total of 14 shifts between the Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments


  • Teaching sessions each Monday (PPE training, case presentations, simulation, skills workshop)
  • Department conference lectures (Senior Lectures, Grand Rounds, etc)
  • Asynchronous learning modules
  • Daily Learning Pearls


Evaluation & Grading

  • NBME Shelf Examination
  • EMED End of Shift Evaluations
  • Completed Assignments
  • Didactics Participation and Discussion

Recommended Resources

An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine (available on eLane Library)

CDEM Curriculum


Moises Gallegos, MD, MPH
Clerkship Director


Maria Alfonso
Clerkship Coordinator

Kristen Kayser
Clerkship Coordinator

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