Stanford Emergency Medicine Publications

Critical Care Education Day: A Novel, Multidisciplinary, and Interactive Critical Care Education Session for Emergency Medicine Residents .  (Htet, GordonMitarai; Cureus)

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Tick Bite (Pokrajac; AliEM)

End-of-Life Care, Palliative Care Consultation, and Palliative Care Referral in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review. (Wilson, Chimelski; Journal of Pain Management)

The Impact of Due Process and Disruptions on Emergency Medicine Education in the United States. (Alvarez; West JEM)

Should the Trainee by Trusted? A User’s Guide to Assessment with EPAs (Miller, Rider; AliEM)

The Climate-Smart Emergency Department: A Primer  (Linstadt, Winstead-Derlega, Auerbach

Precipitous Delivery Masquerading as Biliary Colic in the Setting of Depo-Provera® Failure (Chang, Lipman; Cureus)

Education Theory Made Practical (Gallegos; ICE BLOG)

Gait instability with history of nitrous oxide abuse (Ghazi-Askar; Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Clerkships in Emergency Medicine (GArmel; J Emerg Med)

Crashing the Party: Women of EMS (Staats; Lifeline)

Vision for EMS (Gautreau; Lifeline)

A body bag can save your life: a novel method of cold water immersion for heat stroke treatment (Kim, Lindquist, Shen, Wagner, Lipman; JACEP Open)

Accountability Partners (Gisondi, Wolfe; Academic Life in Emergency Medicine)

Evaluation of Faculty Debriefing Post simulation Events. (Schertzer, Rider, MD; StatPearls)

Quality Improvement in Medical Simulation . (Rider, Schertzer, MD; StatPearls)

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice in Medical Simulation. (Peng, Schertzer, MD; StatPearls)

Fourth time is the charm: How to make the most of the emergency medicine R4 year (Rider, Miller MD; The Vocal Cord)

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