Stanford Emergency Medicine Research

Mitigating Bias in Evaluations in Medical Education (Danielle Miller, MD; Emily Earl-Royal, MD; Al'ai Alvarez, MD)

Ethics and Autonomy: Toward Justice in Precision EM (Jennifer Newberry, MD; Christian Rose, MD)

COVID-19 Community Interventions Task Force: Building Bridges Between EM and Community Health Centers (Sindyha Rajeev MD; Ewen Wang, MD; Jennifer Newberry, MD et al)

Teaming Up With Your Inside Advocate: Working with NIH Program Officers for Early- and Mid-Career Investigators (Prasanthi Govindarajan, MD and SAEM Research Committee)

Save of the Month! An Initiative for Improving Resident Wellness Through Gratitude (Jeffrey Sakamoto, MD; Cori Poffenberger, MD; Al'ai Alvarez, MD)

Association Between Physician Malpractice Claims and Hospital Admission Rates Among Patients with Lower-Risk Syncope in the US (James Quinn, MD et al; JAMA)

eccSOFA: SOFA illness severity score adapted to predict in-hospital mortality in emergency critical care patients (Kian Niknam MAS, Jason Nesbitt MA Tsuyoshi Mitarai MD, Matthew J.R.Nudelman MD, MAS, Alexandra June Gordon MD, Jennifer G.Wilson MD, MS, Michael A.Kohn MD, MPP, American Journal of EM)

Distress Tolerance Among Emergency Department Patients in Acute Pain: Associations with Substance Use Treatment. (Pacella-LaBarbara ML, Maltese C, McConaghy M, Porter J, Young ML, Suffoletto B.; Stress Health)

Simulation-Based Mastery Learning to Teach Distal Radius Fracture Reduction. (Toal GG, Gisondi MA, Miller NM, Sebok-Syer SS, Avedian RS, Dixon WW.; Simulation Healthcare)

Matchmaking and the Future of Hypertension Management. (Murphy AR, Suffoletto BP, Muldoon MF.; Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes)

Severe acute respiratory coronavirus virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) seroprevalence in healthcare personnel in northern California early in the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. (Rosser JI, Röltgen K, Dymock M, Shepard J, Martin A, Hogan CA, Blomkalns A, Mathew R, Parsonnet J, Pinsky BA, Maldonado YA, Boyd SD, Chang SI, Holubar M; Stanford Healthcare COVID-19 Workforce Response Group; Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol.)

Peek at the glass ceiling: gender distribution of leadership among emergency medicine residency programs. (Parsons M, Krzyzaniak S, Mannix A, Rocca N, Chan TM, Gottlieb M.; Emerg Med J .)

Implementation of a Web-Based Tool With Text Message Prompts to Improve End-of-Shift Assessments for Emergency Medicine Residents.(Tobias A, Sobehart R, Doshi AA, Suffoletto B.; J Grad Med Educ)

Trends in medical students' stress, physical, and emotional health throughout training. (McKerrow I, Carney PA, Caretta-Weyer H, Furnari M, Miller Juve A.; Med Educ Online)

Drive-through Medicine for COVID-19 and Future Pandemics. (Ngo, J., Ravi, S., Kim, N., & Boukhman, M.; Western Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Point of care ultrasound diagnosis of a hemodynamically significant pericardial effusion. (Luke Edgar Viveta Lobo Zahra Ghaziaskar; Visual Journal of EM)

Equity Is More Than Words: For Dr. Susan Moore, An Open Letter to IU Health CEO Dennis Murphy (Monica Saxena MD, et al; Medium)

Ewen Wang, MD contributed to the 103-page report: Like I’m Drowning’: Children and Families Sent to Harm by the US ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

Fever in the Returning Pediatric Traveler (Shyam Sivasankar, MD, N. Ewen Wang, MD; Pediatric EM Reports)

"Not Quite Bedside" Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Miller DT.; J Grad Med Educ)

Point of care ultrasound diagnosis of a hemodynamically significant pericardial effusion (Viveta Lobo, MD; Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Sex-Related Differences in Neurosensory Alterations Following Blunt Head Injury (Angela Lumba-Brown, MD; Frontiers of Neurology)

Interobserver Agreement of Lung Ultrasound Findings of COVID-19 (Youyou Duanmu, MD; Viveta Lobo, MD et al; Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine)

Multiple trauma management in mountain environments - a scoping review : Evidence based guidelines of the International Commission for Mountain EmergencyMedicine (ICAR MedCom). Intended for physicians and other advanced life support personnel. (Sumann G, Moens D, Brink B, Brodmann Maeder M, Greene M, Jacob M, Koirala P, Zafren K, Ayala M, Musi M, Oshiro K, Sheets A, Strapazzon G, Macias D, Paal P.; Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med)

The ethical imperative of psychological safety in healthcare. In response to the Manifesto for healthcare simulation practice” (Mike Gisondi, MD; BMJ Simulation)

Dr. Ryan Ribeira, CEO of SimX VR (The Patient's Journey podcast)

The role of data science and machine learning in health professions education: Practical applications, theoretical contributions, and epistemic beliefs. 
(Stefanie Sebok-Syer, PhD et al; Advances in Health Sciences Education)

Factors Associated with Lack of HIV Testing among Latino Immigrant and Black Patients at 4 Geographically and Demographically Diverse Emergency Departments 
(Christopher L. Bennett, MD, MA et al; Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care)

Development and validation of a novel prediction score for cardiac tamponade in emergency department patients with pericardial effusion 
(Youyou Duanmu, MD et al; European Heart Journal)

Using In Situ Simulations to Improve Pediatric Patient Safety in Emergency Departments, Academic Medicine 
(Lee, Moon O. MD, MPH; Schertzer, Kimberly MD; Khanna, Kajal MD, JD; Wang, N. Ewen MD; Camargo, Carlos A. Jr MD, DrPH; Sebok-Syer, Stefanie S. PhD; Academic Medicine)

Emergency medicine resident education on caring for patients with disabilities: a call to action
(Cori Poffenberger, MD; AEM Education & Training)

Dismantling Implicit Bias and Microaggressions in EM by Encouraging Communications and Professionalism 
(Cherrelle Smith, MD; Youyou Duanmu, MD; Stefanie Sebok-Syer, MD, Avi Patel, MD; Maame Yaa Yiadom, MD; Prasanthi Govindarajan, MD; SAEM Pulse)

The AAMC Standardized Video Interview: Lessons Learned From the Residency Selection Process. 
(Andra Blomkalns, MD et al; Academic medicine: journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges)

Optimizing Wellness in Academic Emergency Medicine 
(Kristen E. Nordenholz, Al'ai Alvarez, Michelle D. Lall, Christine Stehman, Cindy C. Bitter, Emily L. Hirsh, Rita Manfredi, Rosanna D. Sikora, Dave W. Lu, Leon D. Sanchez, Matthew L. Wong, Steven Bird, and Andra L. Blomkalns; Journal of Wellness)

Off the Shelf: Rapid Deployment of an Emergency Department Telemedicine Platform Using Readily Available Consumer Products
(Jason Lowe, MD; Sam Shen, MD; Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Owning the Trauma Bay: Teaching Trauma Resuscitation to Emergency Medicine Residents and Nurses through In-situ Simulation 
(Andrew Bellino, MD; Alexandra Gordon, MD; Al'ai Alvarez, MD; Kimberly Schertzer, MD; Journal of Education and Teaching of EM)

Leadership in Medical Education: Teaching Difficult Learners 
(Michael Gisondi, MD; ICE Blog)

Patient Age, Race, and and Emergency Department Treatment Area Associated with “Topbox” Press Ganey Scores. 
(Lee M, Altamirano J, Garcia L, Gisondi M, Wang NE, Lippert S, Maldonado YA, Gharahbaghian L, Ribeira R, Fassiotto M.; Western Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Association between patient-physician gender concordance and patient experience scores. Is there gender bias? 
(Shashank Ravi, MD et al; Am J Emerg Med)

Supply and Demand of Emergency Medicine Board-certified Emergency Physicians by U.S. State, 2017 
(Christopher L Bennett, MD et al; Acad Emerg Med)

Expert Panel Survey to Update the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Definition of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
(Angela Lumba-Brown, MD; Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Validation of the NUE rule to predict futile resuscitation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest 
(Nancy K Glober , MD, David Kim , MD, PhD et al; Prehospital Emergency Care)

Patient feedback in the emergency department: A feasibility study of the Resident Communication Assessment Program (ReCAP) 
(Cameron Mozayan MD; Haley Manella MD; Erica Chimelski MD; Merisa Kline MHA; Al’ai Alvarez MD; Michael A. Gisondi MD; Stefanie S. Sebok-Syer PhD; JACEP OPEN)

Resident Communication Assessment Program (ReCAP) - Emergency Medicine: An Approach for Eliciting Patient Feedback.
(Cameron Mozayan MD; Haley Manella MD; Erica Chimelski MD; Mike Gisondi MD, Al'ai Alvarez MD, Stefanie Sebok-Syer, PhD; Journal of ACEP)

Medevac Utilization and Patient Characteristics in Rural Alaska 2010 - 2018 
(Brian Rice, MD, Matthew Strehlow, MD; Air Medical Journal)

Rethinking the Approach to Continuing Professional Development Conferences in the Era of COVID-19. 
(Sara Krzyzaniak MD; Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions)

Airway Foreign Bodies chapter 
(Collin Michels, MD, Andrea Fang, MD; Avoiding Common Errors in Pediatric Emergency Medicine)

Child Welfare & Unaccompanied Children in Federal Immigration Custody: A Data and Research Based Guide for Federal Policy Makers
(Ewen Wang, MD, Elizabeth Pirrotta; The Guardian)

Development of a 3D printed simulator for closed reduction of distal radius fractures 
(William Dixon, MD, Stefanie S. Sebok-Syer, PhD, Michael A. Gisondi, MD et al; Perspectives on Medical Education)

In-Person Contacts and Their Relationship With Alcohol Consumption Among Young Adults With Hazardous Drinking During a Pandemic 
(Brian Suffoletto, MD; Journal of Adolescent Health)

Telemedicine to Decrease Personal Protective Equipment Use and Protect Healthcare Worker 
(Ryan Ribeira, MD; Sam Shen, MD, Patrice Callagy, RN, Jennifer Newberry, MD, Matthew Strehlow, MD, James Quinn, MD; WestJEM)

Using a Simulated Model and Mastery Learning Approach to Teach the Ultrasound‐guided Serratus Anterior Plane Block to Emergency Medicine Residents: A Pilot Study 
(Ashley Rider, MD, Danielle Miller, MD, Nick Ashenburg, MD, Youyou Duanmu, MD, Viveta Lobo, MD, Kimberly Schertzer, MD & Stefanie Sebok-Syer, PhD; Academic Emergency Medicine: Education and Training)

"EMERGing” Electronic Health Record Data Metrics: Insights and Implications for Assessing Residents' Clinical Performance in Emergency Medicine 
(Stefanie Sebok‐Syer PhD et al; AEM Education and Training)

Creation and Implementation of a Mastery Learning Curriculum for Emergency Department Thoracotomy 
(Danielle Miller, MD et al and recognition of Stefanie Sebok-Syer, PhD; WestJEM)

Rethinking the Approach to Continuing Professional Development Conferences in the Era of COVID-19 
(Sara Krzyzaniak, MD et al; JCEHP)

Sex-Related Differences in Neurosensory Alterations Following Blunt Head Injury 
(Neurology; Angela Lumba-Brown, MD)

Continuing Education for Prehospital Healthcare Providers in India – A Novel Course and Concept 
(Open Access EM; Benjamin Lindquist, MD; Peter Acker, MD; Corey Bills, MD; Ayesha Khan, MD; Sybil Zachariah, MD Jennifer Newberry, MD; Swaminatha Mahadevan, MD; Matthew Strehlow, MD)

The Prevalence of Disability Health Training and Residents with Disabilities in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs in AEM Education and Training 
(Sapp; Sebok-Seyer; Gisondi; Rotoli; Backster; Poffenberger)

A Preliminary Study Using Smartphone Accelerometers to Sense Gait Impairments Due to Alcohol Intoxication 
(Suffoletto; Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs)

Peer Teaching by Stanford Medical Students in a Sexual and Gender Minority Health Education Program 
(Gisondi; Medical Science Educator)

Smooth Pursuit Eye-Movement Abnormalities Associated With Cervical Spine Whiplash: A Scientific Review and Case Report 
(Lumba-Brown; Cureus)

360 Virtual Reality Adolescent Mass Casualty Incident: A Cross Sectional Observational Study of Triage and Prehospital Intervention Accuracy at a National Conference 
(Peng, Curtis, Winstead-Derlaga, Lowe; JACEP)

Emergency department treatment of asthma in children: A review 
(Lee, Sivasankar, Pokrajac, Smith, Lumba‐Brown; JACEP Open)

Trick of the Trade: Sodium Bicarbonate for Acute Symptomatic Hyponatremia 
(Hootman and Alvarez; ALiEM)

Trick of the Trade: Angiocatheter for manual aspiration of priapism 
(Hootman, Chang, Alvarez; ALiEM)

Readmissions (FUTR-30): A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Real-World Effectiveness Trial. 
(Yiadom; Medical Care)

Less Radiation but More Overall Advanced Imaging in Children—Good News or Bad News? 
(Imler; JAMA Pediatrics)

Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: 2020 Update of the Decompressive Craniectomy Recommendations 
(Lumba-Brown; Neurosurgery cover study)

National Study of the Emergency Physician Workforce 
(Christopher L. Bennett; Annals of Emergency Medicine)

Two decades of little change: An analysis of U.S. medical school basic science faculty by sex, race/ethnicity, and academic rank 
(Christopher L. Bennett; PLOS One)

The Gender Gap in Surgical Residencies 
(Christopher L. Bennett; JAMA)

Consensus Guidelines for Digital Scholarship in Academic Promotion 
(Gisondi; WestJEM)

The Utility of Colored Doppler to Confirm Endotracheal Placement 
(Gildea et al; WestJEM)

Point-of-care ultrasound and anterior ST-elevation myocardial infarction 
(Hootman, Gharahbaghian; Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Symptom Duration and Risk Factors for Delayed Return to Usual Health Among Outpatients with COVID-19 in a Multistate Health Care Systems Network — United States, March–June 2020U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Wilson; CDC MMWR)

Cytokine profile in plasma of severe COVID-19 does not differ from ARDS and sepsis 
(Wilson; JCI Insight)

The Tactics and Tools to Manage Pediatric Heart Failure. 
(Pokrajac, Wang; Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports)

Mastery Learning Ensures Correct Personal Protective Equipment Use in Simulated Clinical Encounters of COVID-19 
(Pokrajac, Schertzer, Poffenberger, Alvarez, Marin-Nevarez, Winstead-Derlega, Gisondi; WestJEM)

Diagnose on Sight: Post-Traumatic Finger Pain 
(Rogan, Silverio; ALiEM)

Pediatric Facial Trauma 
(Rogan, Fang; STAT Pearls)

Visual Estimation of Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion by Emergency Medicine Clinicians 
(Duanmu; WetJEM)

Improving Emergency Department Airway Preparedness in the Era of COVID-19: An Interprofessional, In Situ Simulation (Warner, Rider, Marvel, Gisondi, Schertzer, Roszczynialski; JetEM)

Rare Cause of Syncope in a Gravid Female (Bellino, Staats, Ngo; WestJEM)

Adult Patients with Respiratory Distress: Current Evidence-based Recommendations for Prehospital Care (Gilbert; WestJEM)

Consensus Guidelines for Digital Scholarship in Academic Promotion (Gisondi; WestJEM)

Are we generating more assessments without added value? Surgical trainees’ perceptions of and receptiveness to cross-specialty assessment (Sebok-Syer et al; Perspectives on Medical Education)

Seeing but not believing: Insights into the intractability of failure to fail ( Sebok-Syer et al; Medical Education)

Risk Factors for Peri-intubation Cardiac Arrest in a Pediatric Emergency Department (Pokrajac; Pediatric Emergency Care)

Social Determinants of Hallway Bed Use (Kim, Brown; West JEM)

Multi-Community Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Education by Medical Students (Anderson, Syer et al; Cureus)

Assessment of Sensitivity and Specificity of Patient-Collected Lower Nasal Specimens for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Testing (Altamirano, Govindarajan, Blomkalns, Stevens, Pinsky, Maldonado; JAMA Online)

Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: 2020 Update of the Decompressive Craniectomy Recommendations (Angela Lumba-Brown, Neurosurgery )

Are EMS bypass policies effective implementation strategies for intravenous alteplase for stroke? (Govindarajan; Implementation Science Communications)

A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Lowest Effective Dose of Acetazolamide for Acute Mountain Sickness Prevention (Lipman, Jurkiewicz, Burnier, Hawkins, Navlyt, Swenson; American Journal of Medicine)

Induced Hypothermia to 4.2C with Neurologically Intact Survival: A Forgotten Case Series (Zafren; Wilderness and Environmental Medicine)

COVID-19 Lung Injury Is Different From High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (Zafren; High Altitude Med Biol)

Sunscreen for Adventure Travel: Use Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 or Higher (Zafren; J Travel Med)

Data and Methods to Calculate Cut-Off Values for Serum Potassium and Core Temperature at Hospital Admission for Extracorporeal Rewarming of Avalanche Victims in Cardiac Arrest (Zafren; Data Brief)

Sustainable Engaged Accountable Learners (Gisondi; AEM Education and Training)

Here's how technology is helping residents during the COVID-19 pandemic (Haley Manella; SCOPE)

Leadership in Medical Education: Destigmatize The Scarlet Letters of Assessment(Gisondi; ICE Blog)

EM Match Advice: Program Directors Reflect on the 2020 Residency Match(Gisondi; AliEM)

Assessment of Sensitivity and Specificity of Patient-Collected Lower Nasal Specimens for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Testing (Altamirano, Govindarajan, Blomkalns, Stevens, Pinsky, Maldonado; JAMA Online)

Are EMS bypass policies effective implementation strategies for intravenous alteplase for stroke? (Govindarajan; Implementation Science Communications)

Multi-Community Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Education by Medical Students (Anderson, Syer et al; Cureus)

Impact of Scribes With Flow Coordination Duties on Throughput in an Academic Emergency Department (Wagner; West J Emerg Med)

The Effect of Chest Compression Location and Occlusion of the Aorta in a Traumatic Arrest Model (Anderson; J Surg Res)

Defining High-Risk Emergency Chief Complaints: Data-Driven Triage for Low- And Middle-Income Countries (Rice et al; Academic EM)

Emergency department implementation of abbreviated magnetic resonance imaging for pediatric traumatic brain injury (Lumba-Brown et all; JACEP Open)

Experiences of Workplace Violence Among Healthcare Providers in Myanmar: A Cross-sectional Survey Study (Lindquist et al; Cureus)

COVID-19 Lung Injury Is Different From High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (Zafen; High Alt Med Biol)

Mitigating the Consequences of Subconcussive Head Injuries (Auerbach; Annual Reviews)

Characteristics of Emergency Department Patients With COVID-19 at a Single Site in Northern California: Clinical Observations and Public Health Implications (Duanmu et al; Academic EM)

Physically Distant, Educationally Connected: Interactive Conferencing in the Era of COVID-19 (Alvarez; Medical Education)

Sunscreen for Adventure Travel: Use Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 or Higher (Zafren; Journal of Travel Medicine)

Rates of Co-infection Between SARS-CoV-2 and Other Respiratory Pathogens (Kim et al; JAMA)

Acute Respiratory Illness Among a Prospective Cohort of Pediatric Patients Using Emergency Medical Services in India: Demographic and Prehospital Clinical Predictors of Mortality (Strehlow et al; PLOS One)

A Large Discrepancy Between Oral Versus Rectal Temperatures as an Early Warning Sign in a Patient With Acute Infrarenal Aortic Occlusion (Pokrajac; Journal of EM)

ARDS Subphenotypes: Understanding a Heterogeneous Syndrome (Wilson; Critical Care)

RNA Markers for Ultra-Rapid Molecular Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing in Fluoroquinolone-Treated Klebsiella Pneumoniae (Yang et al; J Antimicrob Chemotherapy)

.Personalized Risk Stratification Through Attribute Matching for Clinical Decision Making in Clinical Conditions With Aspecific Symptoms: The Example of Syncope (Quinn et al; PLOS One)

First look at emergency medical technician wellness in India: Application of the Maslach Burnout Inventory in an unstudied population (Newberry et al; PLOS One)

Accuracy of a Novel Stress Echocardiography Pattern for Myocardial Bridging in Patients With Angina and No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease - A Retrospective and Prospective Cohort Study (Schreiber; International Journal of Cardiology)

Critical Communication: A Cross-sectional Study of Signout at the Prehospital and Hospital Interface (Newberry et al; Cureus)

Critical Care Education Day: A Novel, Multidisciplinary, and Interactive Critical Care Education Session for Emergency Medicine Residents (Mitarai; Cureus)

Elucidating System-Level Interdependence in Electronic Health Record Data: What Are the Ramifications for Trainee Assessment? (Sebok-Seyer; ASME)

Precipitous Delivery Masquerading as Biliary Colic in the Setting of Depo-Provera® Failure (Chang, Lipman; Cureus)

Diagnostic Yield of Pulmonary Embolism Testing in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Syncope (Quinn et al; RPTH)

Effect of Sodium Supplements and Climate on Dysnatremia During Ultramarathon Running (Lipman et al; 

Clinical Diagnosis of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and Vestibular Neuritis (Quinn; AJEM)

Critical Care Education Day: A Novel, Multidisciplinary, and Interactive Critical Care Education Session for Emergency Medicine Residents .  (Htet, GordonMitarai; Cureus)

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Tick Bite (Pokrajac; AliEM)

End-of-Life Care, Palliative Care Consultation, and Palliative Care Referral in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review. (Wilson, Chimelski; Journal of Pain Management)

The Impact of Due Process and Disruptions on Emergency Medicine Education in the United States. (Alvarez; West JEM)

Should the Trainee by Trusted? A User’s Guide to Assessment with EPAs (Miller, Rider; AliEM)

The Climate-Smart Emergency Department: A Primer  (Linstadt, Winstead-Derlega, Auerbach

Precipitous Delivery Masquerading as Biliary Colic in the Setting of Depo-Provera® Failure (Chang, Lipman; Cureus)

Education Theory Made Practical (Gallegos; ICE BLOG)

Gait instability with history of nitrous oxide abuse (Ghazi-Askar; Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Clerkships in Emergency Medicine (GArmel; J Emerg Med)

Crashing the Party: Women of EMS (Staats; Lifeline)

Vision for EMS (Gautreau; Lifeline)

A body bag can save your life: a novel method of cold water immersion for heat stroke treatment (Kim, Lindquist, Shen, Wagner, Lipman; JACEP Open)

Accountability Partners (Gisondi, Wolfe; Academic Life in Emergency Medicine)

Evaluation of Faculty Debriefing Post simulation Events. (Schertzer, Rider, MD; StatPearls)

Quality Improvement in Medical Simulation . (Rider, Schertzer, MD; StatPearls)

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice in Medical Simulation. (Peng, Schertzer, MD; StatPearls)

Fourth time is the charm: How to make the most of the emergency medicine R4 year (Rider, Miller MD; The Vocal Cord)

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