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Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

Stanford just complete the 3rd Annual Ultrafest which is a FREE conference for medical students. We were proud to host 150 medical students from around the country and teach them the important and life saving skills of bedside ultrasound. We focus on the didactics of ultrasound and the development of the practical manual dextrity skills of this technology. This is done through small group sessions. Application is taught through high fidelity simulation cases.

Stanford Ultrafest in the News

More doctors tuned to Ultrasound’s frequency

In the public eye, ultrasound technology is probably best embodied by the big bedside machines that enable parents to catch a revelatory glimpse of their unborn babies.

Training the Next Generation of Doctors in Ultrasound

Stanford Medicine hosted the second annual UltraFest on October 18, a free, hands-on training session exclusively for medical students. This year's event drew 300 students from throughout California, who learned the value of ultrasound in medicine, regardless of the specialty they choose.

Course Director
Deborah Kimball, MD

Simulation Director
Nikita Joshi, MD

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