Ultrasound Elective



Viveta Lobo, MD
Director, Ultrasound Elective and Rotation

For information about the elective and to reserve your rotation, please contact Dr. Viveta Lobo at vlobo@stanford.edu. It is recommended to reserve 3 months in advance. 

The US elective is for medical students and residents of all specialties. 

The main purpose of the elective is to learn, practice, and review all applications for emergency US. This is done by attending our weekly US scanning shifts, US QA review, and US lectures/workshops (See the US Calendar for times/dates). You will also come to scan independently in the ED while one of the US faculty are on shift for supervision. You will attend the weekly EM Resident Core Curriculum to continue to learn emergency medicine. By the end of the 2 week elective you will have performed enough studies to satisfy Level 1 credentialing according to ACEP (see attachment below). There is an option to do a 4 week elective if approved by our schedule. 

For those visiting Stanford, please visit the site below stating the checklists for all visiting staff. We sign Stanford's Affiliation Agreement. We do provide a Letter of Completion and complete the evaluation forms from your institution. Visiting clinical medical students and residents will need to bring your ID badge from your institution. Parking/Lodging is arranged by you. 

You will also find the Goals and Objectives for the elective as well as the most updated ACEP Guidelines for emergency ultrasound attached below for you to peruse through. A test is also attached for additional learning (answers will be reviewed at the end of the elective upon your request). 

We hope you enjoy the elective!