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International Emergency Medicine


Emergency Care: What Every Provider Should Know

This online course will cover the key concepts that define the field of emergency medicine, with the goal of teaching life-saving treatments for patients presenting with life-threatening emergencies. If you are a healthcare provider who would like to sign up for the course, or you are a hospital or school administrator interested in training your providers, click the button below.


Around the world, the field of Emergency Medicine is still in its infancy, which means that many emergency departments and casualty wards are currently staffed by trainees, nurses, or physicians who may not have completed specialized training in Emergency Medicine. This course addresses that important need by bolstering and supplementing training programs in parts of the world where the specialty of Emergency Medicine is still evolving.

The course is directed to healthcare providers around the world are in the position of providing emergency care, but might not have had the opportunity to learn critical skills from faculty or senior providers. Our goal is to increase the capacity of current emergency providers to deliver quick effective care to improve outcomes from serious conditions like heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, and severe infections.

While short-term ‘seminar’ courses have been a conventional manner of delivering education in person to areas of the world that may lack trained faculty in emergency medicine, this course offers a way to repeat the teaching as often as it is needed, without the logistical challenges and costs associated with travel and live conferences.


The online course will require Internet access. We also provide background reading as easy to download pdfs on the website. Our goal is to make the course available to any provider who is interested. If you are a hospital administrator or teaching physician, and would like to make this course a requirement for your providers, we are happy to provide that service and will work with you to determine what the best way might be to reach your goals. If Internet access is a problem, contact us and we can discuss alternatives.

Course Description

Content is presented in the form of concise didactic lectures, with high quality graphics, photos and video clips used to highlight key points that are directly relevant to clinical care. We have used a problem-based approach to learning that can be easily used to supplement the large number of burgeoning residency programs in emergency medicine. We use clips from the television show “ER” to discuss critical management decisions in specific cases to highlight quick actions that can mean the difference between life and death for your patient.

If resources and faculty are available locally, a procedure/skills lab is something that can complement the online course to practice the skills discussed and reinforces key concepts introduced in the class.