Advancing Patient Care

Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program


Improving patient hand off process between ED and ICU

The aim of this project is to improve patient safety and work flow by instituting a systematic patient-hand-off process between the ED and the ICU by utilizing I-PASS.

Flex-RN Project

The FLEX nurse is a unique role created at Stanford,  in response to an increasing number of admitted ICU patients boarding in the ED. These dual ED/ICU specialized nurses work with the ED nursing team and physicians and the ICU admitting team to ensure that ICU patients boarded in the ED receive the same standard of care as in an ICU. FLEX nurses also attend most stroke codes, STEMIs, severe sepsis alerts, and major traumas in the ED.  Contact Feliciano Javier, to learn more.


The main objective of the patient care committee is optimizing the quality of care we deliver to the critically ill patients in the ED.

The team has established an ED-based critical care team, consisting of EMCCM trained physicians and nurses.