Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program


We provide an evidence based and practical critical care education to emergency medicine trainees and nurses. We use innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to maximize the quality of teaching and to continue to improve the curriculum by incorporating the voices of the trainees.

Our educational collaboration is not only with other passionate educators among EM physicians, intensivists, and subspecialists, but also with other healthcare professionals, such as palliative care providers, FLEX nurses, advanced practice providers, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists. As a team, we will push the boundaries of knowledge in the field of emergency critical care in order to provide the best care for our critically ill patients in our emergency department.

Carter Neugarten and Sara Crager presenting in EMCCM Joint Conference

The first combined EMCCM Journal Club
Photos of Julian Villar, MD and Kristina Evans, MD

EMCCM MD/RN Collaborative Education Session

EMCCM fellows/Mitarai to discuss the challenging ICU cases seen in ED with FLEX RNs. The cases are chosen by FLEX RN with sets of questions, and MDs go over rationale/evidence/pearls.  It is held during FLEX RN meeting on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Contact persons:
Tsuyoshi Mitarai, 
Jim Mobley,

Dr. Yoshi Mitarai with Flex Nurse group discussing a challenging Critical Care patient in the ED

Critical Care for Emergency Medicine Conference Content Library Development

Development of open-source critical care library of content specifically targeted for presentation at emergency medicine resident conference. We hope that this project will ultimately serve as a template for the development of a broader, open source critical care lecture content library for emergency medicine residency programs.

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Stress Inoculation Educational Program for Multidisciplinary Team Training in the Acute Resuscitation of Critically Ill Patients

The goal of this project is to develop a set of comprehensive multidisciplinary team training modules with the goal of optimizing team performance in high stress resuscitation scenarios.

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Possible Future Projects

FLEX RN Team to teach ultrasound guided peripheral IV to R1

For more details, please contact:
Jim Mobley,

Contact Information

For questions, additional details, project ideas or if you would like to be involved in the education committee/committee activities, please contact:
Tsuyoshi Mitarai,
Jim Mobley,


To become a leader in critical care education for emergency medicine care providers through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training curriculum.

Education Committee Chairs

Alfredo Urdaneta, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept of EM
EM/ECCP Attending, EMCCM

Jim Mobley
Critical Care/Emergency RN