Achievements and Celebrations

Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program


Aug 2008

Creation of Stanford EMCCM Joint Case Conference Curriculum by Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD (EMIMCCM) during his senior year of CCM fellowship. 

Sept 2014

EMCCM Joint Case Conferences began to take place in both Stanford and Kaiser Santa Clara. The Kaiser conferences are led by Lisa Rapoport, MD (EMCCM). 

June 2015

Creation of FLEX RN Program 

Dec 2015

Beginning of research collaboration for Stanford Model and FRAN project among Sara Crager, MD, Jason Nesbitt, RN and Christopher Cinkowski RN.

Jan 2016

Creation of EMCCM Team by Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD to develop innovative critical care curriculum for EM residents and to provide mentorship for all fellow/resident members. The members consisted of EM attending with CCM background/interest (Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD, Lisa Rapoport, MD, Matt Strehlow, MD), EMCCM fellows (Sara Crager, MD, Andrew Phillips, MD, Julian VIllar, MD), and EM residents with interest in CCM (David Radler, MD, Ian Storch, MD, Brian Ichwan, MD). 

Feb-May 2016

Expansion of research/QI projects (i.e. Emergency Critical Care Team pilot) led by Sara Crager, MD, Julian Villar, MD, Jason Nesbitt, RN, and Christopher Cinkowski, RN called for a creation of a formal research/QI group to collaborate on various projects. 

July 2016

The first revised EMCCM joint conference with a preselected CCM topic and addition of senior EMCCM fellow proctoring. 

Aug 2016

Creation of Stanford Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program (MECCP) by combining the research/QI group and EMCCM team, and changing the organizational structure.

Sept 2016

The first Stanford joint EMCCM journal club

Oct 2016

Launching of MECCP website 

MECCP Scholarship

Other EMCCM Research Collaboration at Stanford

  • Petal Network with the Rose and Violet trials - Matt Strehlow, MD, Angela Rogers, MD, Joe Levitt, MD

Photo Gallery

EMCCM Joint Journal Club Faculty Panelist on September 13, 2016

Lisa Rapoport, MD, Kaiser EMCCM Faculty mentoring Tom Gildea, MD and Philip Buss, MD on EMCCM Kaiser Conference on October 5th, 2016

Andrew Phillips, MD, Senior EMCCM Fellow, helping out with the logistics on Critical Care day

EMCCM Joint Journal Club on September 13, 2016

Brian Ichwan, MD, working on programming for the research projects

Post EMCCM Journal Club

Erica Chimelski, MD, Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD and Rafael working on MECCP website