Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program

Stanford Multidisciplinary Emergency Critical Care Program (MECCP)


To deliver the highest quality care to critically ill patients in the emergency department through multidisciplinary education, research, and innovation.

Contact Information

For any questions about MECCP and MECCP executive committee, please contact:
Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD


3 Key Collaborations that Define Who We Are

Collaboration between EM and CCM department

We believe a close working relationship between EM and CCM is vital in the care of critically ill patients in ED as well in advancing the field of Emergency Critical Care. The Stanford MECCP serves as a nexus between the two groups by organizing multiple events/projects to bring the two groups closer. For example, activities such as Joint journal clubs, Critical Care Education Day, EMCCM joint conferences, and EM/CCM patient handover QI provide opportunities for joint collaborations and learnings. For the educational events, we reach out to a wide range of CCM faculty from the Divisions of Pulmonology/CCM, Anesthesia/CCM, Trauma/SICU, CVICU, CCU, Neurocritical Care, and other subspecialists both within and external to Stanford to maximize the quality of critical care education for EM providers. We hope to create a positive cycle where a closer working relationship between the two groups will lead to more innovation in joint educational sessions, more joint research/QI projects, and most importantly, the highest quality of care to critically ill patients in ED.

Collaboration between physicians and nurses with EMCCM background

Another unique feature of the MECCP is a multidisciplinary structure of the organization where MD leaders, RN leaders, and APP leaders work together to run this group. Each subcommittee (Patient care/Research/Education) is co-chaired by one MD and one RN.

Care of critically ill patients requires a multidisciplinary team. However, we believe that the importance of collaboration between physicians and nurses goes beyond care of the individual patient. Innovative solutions to creating an optimal care environment and improving system-base practice for critically ill patients boarding in the ED require a high level of communication and collaboration among physicians, nurses, and administrative leadership. Exploring ways to improve patients outcomes and throughput by conducting joint academic and scholarly projects further this goal. This wide range of MD/RN collaboration creates rich professional development opportunities on both sides.

We also work closely with other health care teams such as palliative care, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists to push the boundaries of excellence in the care of critically ill patients in the emergency department.

Collaboration among EMCCM physicians in various stages of training

Collaboration among EMCCM faculty, EMCCM fellows, and EM residents is critical in designing and delivering a rich critical care educational experience tailored toward the needs of EM residents. Based on the feedback from the EM residents, we are revising the EM-CCM curriculum. We are expanding the scope of our EM-CCM joint case conference so that the residents now receive senior EMCCM fellow proctoring in addition to EMCCM faculty mentorship.

We are very fortunate to have a group of very talented and enthusiastic EMCCM fellows and EM residents with interest in CCM field at Stanford. As of September 2016, we have 17 MD educational committee members at different stages of practice or training supporting patient care/research/education committee projects. This unique collaboration creates many opportunities for professional development. We are also fortunate to have Matt Strehlow and Garrett Chan as advisors for the executive committee who continue to provide guidance with their rich clinical, administrative, research, and leadership experience.

MECCP Executive Committee

Includes MD/RN Chairs of three subcommittees and a resident representative
Advisors: Matt Strehlow, MD and Garrett Chan, PhD

Tsuyoshi Mitarai, MD, FACEP
Director, Emergency Critical Care Program (ECCP)

Jim Mobley
Critical Care/Emergency RN

Alfredo Urdaneta, MD
Chair, Education Committee
EM/ECCP Attending, EMCCM

Jenny Wilson, MD, MS

Jason Nesbitt

Chris Cinkowski

Jennifer Kraft

Matt Strehlow, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Interim Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Garrett Chan, PhD, NP
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine