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  Personal Profile  
Nolan Caldwell, MD

Hometown: Gasquet, CA
Undergrad/Degree: UC Davis
Medical School: UCSF
Professional Interests: International medicine, Health Policy, & Access to care 
Publications/Projects/Awards: Pre-hospital trauma + injury disparities (Uganda), ED consumer charges
Hobbies: Motorcycles-road cycling-mountain bikes (anything on two wheels), skiing, bridge jumping, swimming, board games, disc golf.   
Interesting Past Life: 1) Store clerk/gas pumper at Chevron 2) McDonalds sales associated (We love to see you smile) 3) Drive through coffee maker

Alice Chao, MD Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Undergrad/Degree: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Duke University
Professional Interests: Medical Education & International Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: Roy and Diana Vagelos Scholar; studied use of exosomes for diagnosis and treatment of glioblastoma
Hobbies: Eating good food, trying to cook good food, travel, music
Interesting Past Life: traveling/wedding musician
Kristin Fontes, MD Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergrad/Degree: UC Davis
Medical School: Northwestern University
Professional Interests: Ultrasound, International EM, & Medical Education, Toxicology
Publications/Projects/Awards: Article in Cell Metabolism (2008); Survey identifying sources of stress for pregnant African American women in Chicago's lower income neighborhoods (2008)
Hobbies: Running, yoga, cooking/baking, checking out local restaurants, scrapbooking Interesting Past Life: Church choir girl, high school theatre actress/director, grunge band bass player
Eric Ladd, MD Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad/Degree: University of Missouri, Columbia
Medical School: University of Missouri, Columbia
Professional Interests: Critical Care, Ultrasound, Wilderness Medicine, & EMS
Publications/Projects/Awards: AOA
Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, hunting, shooting, road and mountain biking, running, travel, anything outside!
Interesting Past Life: instructed 3-6 year old kids to ski in Vail for a season, Remember: french fries and pizza! Cleaned up mouse poop in undergrad for a few years. Oh, what undergrads will do for a poster presentation.

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Class of 2014

  Personal Profile  
Yvonne Bailey, MD Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Undergrad/Degree: University of the Pacific - Biology
Medical School: Saint Louis University
Professional Interests: Sports medicine, Simulation, Quality improvement
Publications/Projects/Awards: R. R. Hannas, M.D. Missouri College of Emergency Physicians Award (2010) Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (2009) Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Society (2009)
Hobbies: Soccer, Running, Hanging with my family
Interesting Past Life: Division I soccer player in college, Completed an Internal Medicine prelim year in St. Louis before matching at Stanford in EM
David Craig, MD Hometown: Elkridge, MD
Undergrad/Degree: Stanford University
Medical School: Stanford University
Professional Interests: Wilderness Medicine, International Medicine, & Ultrasound
Publications/Projects/Awards: Neuroscience, protein engineering, innate immunity
Hobbies: guitar, climbing, TV on the internet
Steve Foy, MD Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad/Degree: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Case Western University
Professional Interests: Wilderness and austere medicine, & Ultrasound
Publications/Projects/Awards: Nanomedicine research, prehospital care research
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, especially rock climbing and road biking!
Chris Guest, MD Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Undergrad/Degree: Cal Poly
Medical School: University of Illinois
Professional Interests: Tactical EMS, & Wilderness Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: PhD University of Illinois, Macrophages and Diabetes; Gold Humanism Honor Society, Fogarty International Research Grant, Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Services Award for heroic behavior.
Hobbies: Urban Homesteading, mycology, hiking, Boston Terriers
Interesting Past Life: silica chemist, college soccer star, eurotrash aficionado
Calvin Hwang, MD Hometown: La Mesa, CA
Undergrad/Degree: Stanford University - Biological Sciences
Medical School: Case Western
Professional Interests: Sports medicine, EMS, ultrasound, pediatrics
Publications/Projects/Awards: Exercise and diabetes, concussions in the ED, improving EMS ringdowns
Hobbies: Traveling, running, archery, tennis, Stanford athletics
Interesting Past Life: Archery coach, Olympic trials wannabe, Stanford tennis intramural champion, world traveler
John Ludlow, MD Hometown: Modesto, CA
Undergrad/Degree: UC, San Diego
Medical School: UC Irvine
Professional Interests: Health Policy, Organized Medicine, Emergency Medical Systems, Medical Business & Healthcare Private Equity
Publications/Projects/Awards: Injury Prevention Research; former NASA Lab data analyst
Hobbies: Running and team sports, excessively consuming current events, hosting epic bonfires, making the perfect burrito
Kevin Masek, MD Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Undergrad/Degree: Iowa State University
Medical School: University of Nebraska
Professional Interests: International Emergency Medicine, working with underserved populations, & Academic Emergency Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: I worked in several psychology labs in undergrad and helped mapped the maize genome
Hobbies: International travel, swimming, backpacking, photography, anything outdoors, cooking, finding new music online, rock climbing
Interesting Past Life: high school mascot which consisted of dressing in a large smelly knight costume and acting completely ridiculous. In college I competed in a Fear Factor competition and placed third place after waxing off both of my eyebrows. In medical school I managed to travel to Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China and Brazil.
Lauren Polen, MD Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Undergrad/Degree: UCLA
Medical School: Albert Einstein University
Professional Interests: EM Ultrasound, Radiology Research, & International Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: Musculoskeletal Radiology
Hobbies: Rock climbing, reading, hiking, art
Kate Shea, MD Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergrad/Degree: Tufts University
Medical School: Tufts University
Professional Interests: Wilderness Medicine, & High Altitude Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: PTSD
Hobbies: Climbing, water in all forms (ice, snow, waves), chasing my husband and Border Collie, mountaineering, IPAs, good books
Interesting Past Life: Mountain guide, south american dish washer, nomad

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Class of 2015

  Personal Profile  
Natalie Badowski, MD Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Undergrad/Degree: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: Stanford University School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, and International Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: Water Sanitation and Health Care (Tanzania), Knee Arthroscopy techniques
Hobbies: Running, Triathlon, Aerial Fabrics, Tennis, Traveling, and anything outdoors.
Erin Cullnan, MD Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa. More recently, Chicago, IL
Undergrad/Degree: Northwestern University - Psychology
Medical School: University of Illinois, Chicago
Professional Interests: Ultrasound, international medicine, women's health, access to care, medical education
Publications/Projects/Awards: AOA, Gold Humanism Honor Society, publications in circadian phase and shift work
Hobbies: Traveling, reading, cooking, discovering new restaurants, urban hiking, architecture.
Interesting Past Life: Corn-detasseler, chinese restaurant waitress
Alexandra DiTullio, MD Hometown: Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Undergrad/Degree: Cornell University
Medical School: John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii
Professional Interests: Medical Education, Wilderness Medicine, International Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: Research on tendon and cartilage injuries; Trauma teamwork training project; AOA Student Research Fellowship
Hobbies: Swimming, surfing, SCUBA diving, or anything else in the water. Hiking, travel, eating and cooking great food. Spending time with family and friends.
Joshua Elder, MD Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA
Undergrad/Degree: University of Pittsburgh - Chemistry Graduate School: UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, MPH in Health Services
Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Professional Interests: Health Services Research, Health Policy
Publications/Projects/Awards: Western Journal of Emergency Medicine; Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry; Annals of Neurology; ACEP National Outstanding Medical Student Award 2012; Cal-ACEP Best Research Presentation 2011.
Hobbies: Spending time with family, hiking/backpacking, adventure cycling, recording music, watching college football
Interesting Past Life: German School, The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.
Rebecca Higbee, MD Hometown: Clawson, MI
Undergrad/Degree: Oberlin College, B.A. in Biology and German Studies
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Ultrasound, International Medicine, Wilderness Medicine
Publications/Projects/Awards: spinal immobilization systems in search and rescue extrications
Hobbies: Rock climbing, running, hiking, cycling, guerilla knitting, baking, canning and pickling everything.
Michelle Hunter, MD Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Undergrad/Degree: Lehigh University
Medical School: New York Medical College
Professional Interests: Health Policy and Advocacy, Disaster
Publications/Projects/Awards: HCV
Hobbies: Skiing, running, tennis, hiking, swimming, good food and good wine enjoyed with good friends!
Benjamin Lindquist, MD Hometown: Fresno, CA
Undergrad/Degree: Westmont College
Medical School: Loma Linda University
Professional Interests: International medicine, medical education, critical care, serving Jesus Christ
Publications/Projects/Awards: GI, AOA
Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, skiing, soccer, guitar, Fresno State Football and spending time with my wife.
Teng Lu, MD Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Undergrad/Degree: Clemson University, BSc in Biochemistry
Medical School: Emory University
Professional Interests: Working with underserved populations, research & education
Publications/Projects/Awards: NIH post-bacc IRTA fellow 2007-2008
Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, traveling, brunch, board games, dabbling in the arts.
Ronald Masson, MD Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad/Degree: B.S. in Biology, California State University, Los Angeles
Medical School: University of Vermont
Professional Interests: Wilderness medicine, ultrasound, EMS/prehospital care
Hobbies: Black/white film photography, painting, playing the piano.
William Mulkerin, MD Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Undergrad/Degree: Stanford University
Medical School: University of California, Irvine
Professional Interests: EMS, medical education, simulation
Publications/Projects/Awards: Selective chest radiography in blunt trauma, AOA
Hobbies: Fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, cooking, spending time with my wife and two young sons.
Andrew Phillips, MD Hometown: Mission, Texas
Undergrad/Degree: Rice University, B.A. in Biochemistry
Medical School: University of Chicago
Professional Interests: Medical education research and practice, ultrasound, team communication
Publications/Projects/Awards: Master's degree in Education, University of Illinois at Chicago; radiology as a primary instructional tool to learn gross anatomy; improving care and student education at student-run free clinics
Hobbies: ornate food garnishing, cooking homegrown vegetables, classical music composition, home improvement projects, anything outdoors.
Michael Shaheen, MD Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Undergrad/Degree: Michigan State University - Mathematics
Medical School: Michigan State University - College of Human Medicine
Professional Interests: Wilderness Medicine, International Medicine, and Academic Emergency Medicine.
Publications/Projects/Awards: Research in the diagnosis of compartment syndrome; Medical education; Public perception of CPR: Medical Student Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award from the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.
Hobbies: Skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, climbing, running, yoga, team sports, camping and cooking.
Interesting Past Life: Ski instructor for children with disabilities. Cooking in a wide range of settings from catering large events to running the kitchen at a small bed and breakfast.


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Class of 2016

  Personal Profile  
Jia Jessica Chang, MD Hometown: Houston, Texas
Undergrad/Degree: University of Texas - Biology
Medical School: Stanford University
Professional Interests: Health IT, mobile health, care delivery innovation, quality improvement
Publications/Projects/Awards: Genetic mutations linked to Marfan’s Syndrome, prehospital chest pain patient characteristics and mortality in India, text messaging programs for chronic disease management, helped to found two science and healthcare IT startups
Hobbies: Traveling, kayaking, hiking, martial arts
Interesting Past Life: Robbed by the police while backpacking through Southeast Asia for a year, consultant at StartX Med.
Ian Chong, MD Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergrad/Degree: Harvard College - Biochemistry
Medical School: Tufts University
Professional Interests: International Medicine, Quality Improvement, Research
Publications/Projects/Awards: Sedation after Intubation in an Emergency Room setting, Natural Killer cell research
Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, traveling, scuba diving, eating good food, spending time with my wife
Interesting Past Life: Seafood restaurant host
Molly Estes, MD Hometown: Victorville, California
Undergrad/Degree: Azusa Pacific University - Biology
Medical School: Loma Linda University
Professional Interests: Academic EM, International Medicine, Ultrasound, Pediatric EM
Publications/Projects/Awards: Embryologic limb development
Hobbies:Volleyball, softball, snowboarding, reading, crocheting, travel, and finding new TV shows on Netflix to become addicted to
Interesting Past Life: In college I was the department lab assistant; the job involved everything from making microbiological media and cultures to cleaning the fish tanks (got bit by a turtle once…. He didn’t want to let go despite every effort to make him).
Danielle Goodrich, MD Hometown: Bell Canyon, California
Undergrad/Degree: USC - Neuroscience, Law & Society
Medical School: University of Maryland
Professional Interests: Sepsis, critical care, ultrasound, toxicology
Publications/Projects/Awards: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Society, publication in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, abstract in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum
Hobbies: Skiing, wake boarding, hiking, martial arts, reading
Interesting Past Life:
Elizabeth Kaufman, MD Hometown: San Diego, California
Undergrad/Degree: Yale University - American Studies
Medical School: University of Rochester
Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Pediatrics
Publications/Projects/Awards: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics article on Ankle Impingement in Adolescents, poster presentation on complications following splint placement in the ED
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, running, tennis, being in the ocean, cooking, gardening
Interesting Past Life:Yale varsity tennis, played on the WTA/ITF tennis tour, assistant women’s tennis coach- Wake Forest, Bryn Mawr post-bac
Victoria Maria Klyce, MD Hometown: Napa, California
Undergrad/Degree: University of California at Berkeley
Graduate School: Boston University School of Public Health
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Public health, patient education, language barriers and immigrant health, medical education
Publications/Projects/Awards: Nominated for Hero of the Year at med school skit night (but lost to the IT guy), ED discharge instructions understanding and satisfaction, patient centered communication field testing
Hobbies: Soccer, dancing, cooking (especially tapas!), baking, Mediterranean beaches, sangria parties, sunbathing, special date nights with my amazing husband
Interesting Past Life: Amateur event organizer, Vietnamese restaurant waitress, FC Sartorius IM soccer team captain, preschool mentor
Eric Leroux, MD Hometown: Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada
Undergrad/Degree: Princeton University - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Medical School: Stanford University
Professional Interests: Cost-Effectiveness, Resource Allocation, Infectious Disease, Health Equity, Telemedicine, mHealth, Impact Investing, Global EMS Access
Publications/Projects/Awards: BMJ, Annals of Surgery, PMR /// Mobile Health without Borders /// Gold Humanism
Hobbies: Sports (hockey, soccer, tennis, skiing, many others), Conversations and developing theories with friends, Adventuring in NorCal and beyond.
Interesting Past Life: D1 hockey goalie, Cicada collector and genome sequencer, HIV/AIDS work in Kenya and South Africa, Aggressive rollerblader

Maria Kathleen Ortega, MD Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Undergrad/Degree: UCLA - Neurosciences
Graduate School:UCLA Anderson School of Management - MBA
Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Professional Interests: Operations management, medical leadership in healthcare, healthcare utilization, emergency care of sexual assault victims, and Pediatric EM
Publications/Projects/Awards: Cardiac myocyte regulation (Journal of Biological Chemistry), Analysis of case management practice patterns amongst different health insurers at an academic hospital, Market research and go-to-market strategy for an education technology start-up firm, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Involvement & Leadership Scholarship, Riordan Healthcare Management Program Mentor of the Year
Hobbies: Cooking with my sisters, dancing, snowshoeing, kayaking and rafting, listening to audiobooks, top rope climbing with Andrew, running, anything involving Law & Order
Interesting Past Life: Assistant librarian at the UCLA Music Library, rat hippocampus remover in NYC, ballet and jazz dancer
Akhila Pamula, MD Hometown: Moreno Valley, California
Undergrad/Degree: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Professional Interests: Critical care medicine, medical education
Publications/Projects/Awards: SAEM Medical Student Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award; research on neuroanatomical anomalies in fetal alcohol syndrome; research on decision making in the management of AAA in the emergency department.
Hobbies: Running, yoga, dancing, cooking/baking, amateur food critic, shopping, watching college and pro football.
Interesting Past Life: Concert violinist, recovering chocoholic
Kayla Shipley, MD Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana
Undergrad/Degree: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Medical School: Louisiana State University at Shreveport
Professional Interests: EMS/pre-hospital medicine, Medical Education
Publications/Projects/Awards: AOA
Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Baking, and hanging out with my incredible husband and daughter!
Interesting Past Life: National Instructor for the Universal Dance Association
David Wang, MD Hometown: Winchester, Massachusetts
Undergrad/Degree: Harvard College - Economics
Medical School: University of Massachusetts
Professional Interests: End-of-life care, healthcare administration
Publications/Projects/Awards: AOA, student body president, Massachusetts Medical Society Scholar
Hobbies: Church, tennis, artsy books/movies, autocross, trying my hand at fly fishing
Interesting Past Life: Krispy Kreme salesman, Excel monkey, travelled to 14 countries in med school
Matthew Wetschler, MD Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Undergrad/Degree: Bucknell University - Philosophy & Studio Arts
Graduate School:University of North Carolina School of Public Health
Medical School: University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Health Systems Research, Entrepreneurship, Administration, Health Finance Reform
Publications/Projects/Awards: Keona Health – Medical Advisor Privette Fellowship – Health services research in Lilongwe, Malawi Schweitzer Fellowship – Founder and past director of Los Coyotes, a Latino running group in North Carolina. 2nd place, Carolina Challenge Pitch Party – Regional entrepreneurial competition Entrepreneurial Public Service Grant
Hobbies: Triathlons, running, biking, surfing, skiing, making questionable life decisions, and baking muffins
Interesting Past Life: Former sponsored big mountain skier in Jackson Hole, WY.
Sybil Zachariah, MD Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Undergrad/Degree: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Biochemistry
Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Professional Interests: Medical education, sports medicine, pediatrics, working with the underserved.
Publications/Projects/Awards: Article in Molecular Cancer, poster at AICS-PICS and SCAI conferences, AOA.
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, eating, Groupon, art, playing basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, flag football.
Interesting Past Life: First and second grade teacher in Madrid.

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