Clinical Curriculum

First Year

The intern year starts with a 3-week orientation to help refresh important EM topics, orientate interns to the ED, provide hands-on skills labs and allow them to get to know their classmates for a smooth transition into residency. Intern year rotations help provide a framework of the essential areas of EM. Interns will also get experience in both the Neonatal ICU and the Medical ICU. Interns will be given the opportunity to dabble in each ACCEL line, along with ACCEL selective time, to help them discover their passion within the EM.

Block Schedule

Orientation: 3 weeks
Stanford ED: 9 weeks
Kaiser ED: 5.2 weeks
Pediatric ED: 3.2 weeks
Neonatal ICU: 2 weeks
Kaiser MICU: 4 weeks
Cardiology: 3.2 weeks
Trauma (Stanford): 3.2 weeks
Ob/Gyn: 3 weeks
Anesthesia: 3 weeks
Ultrasound/Procedures: 2 weeks
Orthopedics: 3.2 weeks
Trauma (Valley Medical Center): 3 weeks
ACCEL Selective: 2 weeks
Vacation: 3 weeks