About Our Residency

Training Sites

One of the greatest strengths of this residency program is the variety of clinical settings in which the residents train. Affiliations with three major medical centers in the Bay Area provide the chance to practice in diverse academic, community, and county environments, preparing residents for emergency medicine careers in any setting.

In addition to providing outstanding emergency medicine experience, Stanford offers world-class tertiary care exposure, while Kaiser offers award-winning community-based care, and Santa Clara Valley provides an exceptional county experience serving one of the most populous cities in the country.

Didactic Curriculum

Residents are excused from clinical duties every Wednesday morning to attend 4 1/2 hours of educational programming in Emergency Medicine. They’re also protected from working in the Emergency Department every Tuesday evening, to ensure you can be well-rested for conference.

Lectures and workshops are conducted by EM faculty, visiting faculty, and residents from all stages of training. Joint lectures with other training programs, such as critical care, surgery, pediatrics, and internal medicine, are also a part of the core curriculum.