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Research in the specialty of Emergency Medicine continues to blossom. The growth and breadth of research within the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University is an example of this nation wide trend. The Division has faculty with numerous and diverse research interests such as; wilderness medicine, pre-hospital care, fatigue and sleep deprivation and its effects on physician performance, cardiac markers, health care delivery for pediatric, cardiac and trauma patients, wound healing, international healthcare delivery and clinical decision rules. The Division is also actively involved in research involving simulator training and the education of physicians, house staff and medical students. Faculty from the Division have received numerous awards and grants and frequently present at national and international meetings.

The Division puts on a year long research curriculum for 1st year residents to provide them with the skills necessary to develop and implement their research protocol during residency. The curriculum involves 12 hours of lectures and small group sessions that allows the hands on development of research protocols. Based on their ideas and interests, residents are paired up with mentors within or outside the division to fully utilize the expertise of the world class environment at Stanford University.

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