Donate to the Stanford Emergency Department

Help Stanford help our community. To make a donation, please use the pull down list below and select your fund. You will be directed to Stanford University's secure gift website. All gifts are tax deductable. Thank you for your support.

Brief Description of the Emergency Medicine Funds/Project

  1. General/Unrestricted - These funds are used at the discretion of the Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine & the Director of Special Projects to support those areas of greatest need.
  2. Faculty Fund - These funds are used to support the clinical and scholarly activities of full time faculty physicians in the Division of Emergency Medicine.
  3. Residents/Residency - These funds are used to support the emergency medicine residents in clinical, teaching, research, and service activities.
  4. Fellowship Education - These funds are used to sponsor and support fellowship programs and education in such areas as Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Medicine, International & Wilderness Medicine, and Public Health.
  5. International Emergency Medicine - These funds are used to support Stanford physicians who teach and practice medicine abroad as part of the mission of Stanford Emergency Medicine to improve the health and lives of persons around the globe.
  6. Emergency Pediatrics - These funds are use to support the care of children who are seen in the Emergency Department at Stanford University Hospital.
  7. Emergency Trauma Care - These funds are used to support the clinical care, education, and research related to trauma care; including injury prevention in the community.
  8. Emergency Nursing - These funds are used to support nursing programs in the Emergency Department.
  9. Lifeflight - These funds are used to support the Lifeflight emergency medical transport program at Stanford.
  10. Research - These funds are used to create small seed grants to initiate important emergency medicine research projects at Stanford; in order to pilot concepts and studies that will lead to successful research grant applications.
  11. Emergency Response - This fund is to support Stanford Emergency Medicine's efforts to prepare and respond to disasters locally, nationally and internationally in case of natural or man-made disasters.