WISE Program for ED Faculty

A New Model for Career Development

The Department of Emergency Medicine WISE program is an internal departmental program designed to promote wellness amongst our faculty by providing critical relief of daily non-work responsibilities, as well as support for work responsibilities, in order to increase work-life integration, productivity, and morale. The program provides for a baseline level of credit or support, but also is designed to recognize faculty members who go “above and beyond” to volunteer for activities that assist their colleagues, to provide mentorship and education, or to further their own development. The program is made possible thanks to the incredible generosity of Mr. Maas through the Maas Family Endowment for Emergency Medicine Wellness.

The WISE Program is Emergency Medicine's continuation of the Academical Biomedical Career Customization Program.

How Does It Work?

Credits for the program are earned for a variety of departmental activities.  Some examples include: covering a shift or critical administrative activity on short notice in order to allow a colleague shift relief to take care of a personal or family need, or on any notice to allow a colleague to participate in disaster relief efforts as a part of SEMPER; mentoring faculty, fellows, or residents; leading a faculty development session; and serving as an examiner for mock oral boards.  Faculty can also donate credits to administrative staff that go above and beyond their own work routine and responsibilities to assist a faculty member with a project or task on short notice. 

Credit redemption falls into two categories.  Work/Life Integration Credit Redemption Services are taxable and reportable to the IRS.   Some examples of these services include meal and beverage services (e.g. Blue Apron, Munchery, Starbucks, etc), housecleaning services, home support services (e.g. Task Rabbit, Purple Tie, Instacart, Amazon Prime), relaxation and fitness services.  The second category is Personal & Work Development Credit Redemption Services are non-taxable, and includes services such as office organization, presentation coaching, and grant writing support.   Credits must be used during the calendar year in which they are accrued.  Credits are logged and tracked using our internal attendance tracking website: WISE Login

Leveraging Stanford's Flexibility Policies

Stanford Medicine is committed to providing faculty with the flexibility they need to succeed at work and at home. Stanford’s progressive work-life policies, overseen by the WorkLife Office, encompass every stage of life to help faculty meet the many demands of work and home. 

Time in the bank: A Stanford plan to save doctors from burnout

PALO ALTO, Calif. — It was just before noon on a recent Friday when Greg Gilbert, an emergency room physician at Stanford Hospital, made it home from another of what would be six overnight shifts in a row. Bleary-eyed and hungry, the divorced single dad was thinking about how to squeeze in a nap before it was time to pick up his three kids from his ex later that afternoon.

He spied a cardboard box from Blue Apron, which delivers all the makings of a home-cooked meal, and a black bag from the Munchery, with gourmet ready-made meals, waiting for him on his front porch and cracked a weary smile. They meant he’d have grilled flat iron steak salad for lunch, instead of his usual fast-food burger. And for dinner, he wouldn’t have to think of what to make or go to the grocery store but could just cook what was in the box and have time to play with the kids.

All of it is courtesy of the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the WISE Program, please contact:

Cori Poffenberger, MD, FACEP
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director of Faculty Development and Wellness
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stanford University
E-Mail: Cori Poffenberger

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Mission Statement

Our vision is to be at the forefront of emergency medical care by actively engaging our patients, community and healthcare system, while fostering a vibrant and balanced environment for our faculty and learners.

Our success is driven by the finest clinicians, researchers, and educators and their pursuit of state-of-the-art clinical care, transformative research, dynamic education, and compassionate service to our communities, at home and abroad.