ROARewards Program for ED Residents

Work-Life Integration Credit Redemption Services

· Meal Service (minimum of 2.5 ROAR credits): Munchery, Blue Apron, and DoorDash.

· Home Support Services: Task Rabbit and Purple Tie (minimum of 5 ROAR credits)

· Home Support Services: Amazon Prime Membership (10 ROAR credits)

· Home Support Services: Instacart Express: Free home delivery of groceries for 1 year (10 ROAR credits)

· Entertainment Services: Netflix and Fandango (minimum of 2.5 ROAR credits)

· Housecleaning Service: Regular cleaning (minimum of 15 ROAR credits). Vendors may include Homejoy, Betty’s Cleaning Service, and Molly Maid. A quote should be obtained prior from the housecleaning service to know the exact ROAR credit amount needed.  Any tips given to the house cleaners are done at your discretion, and are not reimbursable through the ROAR program or department funds.

Personal & Work Development Credit Redemption Services

· One hour of website development (10 ROAR credits)

· Grant writing support (10 ROAR credits)

· One hour of speech/presentation coaching (15 ROAR credits)

· Web Support (12.5 ROAR credits)

· One hour of life coaching (15 ROAR credits)

· Professional Photo Services (17.5 ROAR credits)

· Office Organization (22.5 ROAR credits)