Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited program and medical subspecialty that involves prehospital emergency patient care, including initial patient stabilization, treatment, and transport to hospitals in specially equipped ambulances or helicopters. The purpose of EMS subspecialty certification is to standardize physician training and qualifications for EMS practice, improve patient safety and enhance the quality of emergency medical care provided to patients in the prehospital environment, and facilitate further integration of prehospital patient treatment into the continuum of patient care. 

The Stanford Emergency Medical Services fellowship is a one year fellowship with the opportunity to do a second year with a focus in Disaster.  After the first year you will be Board Eligible for the Emergency Medical Services subspecialty board exam.  If you choose to do the second year of fellowship, the fellow will have a more intensive training in Disaster Medicine and have time to earn an advanced degree.  Emergency Medical Services is becoming an increasingly important part of the health care system. An Institute of Medicine report released in June 2006 highlighted the need for strong leadership to make the system more effective. The EMS fellowship aims to train these leaders by giving them a broad knowledge base and allowing time for additional efforts in areas of interest.

EMS has many facets, all of which can be explored through our close contact with our many faculty, providers, and agencies. Browsing through our website will give you a good idea of the breadth and depth of our division which the fellow will interact with regularly.  This list is by no means a comprehensive one and only represents some of the many opportunities for our fellows.  By the end of the year, the fellow will have a competency in clinical aspects in EMS, medical oversight of EMS, quality management and research, and special operations.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the fellowship, please contact:

Gregory Gilbert, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Medical Director, Stanford Life Flight
Co-Director, EMS Fellowship
E-Mail: Gregory Gilbert

Colin Bucks, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Co-Director, EMS Fellowship
E-Mail: Colin Bucks

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Mission Statement

Our vision is to be at the forefront of emergency medical care by actively engaging our patients, community and healthcare system, while fostering a vibrant and balanced environment for our faculty and learners.

Our success is driven by the finest clinicians, researchers, and educators and their pursuit of state-of-the-art clinical care, transformative research, dynamic education, and compassionate service to our communities, at home and abroad.