Ambulatory/Emergency Medicine Clerkship



This unique combined Ambulatory and Emergency Medicine Clerkship provides medical students the opportunity to experience managing and treating patients in an outpatient clinical setting as well as in the Stanford Emergency Department. For the clinical experience, students will spend 2 weeks in Ambulatory Clinic or Emergency Medicine and then will switch to the other. All didactics are geared towards principles of Ambulatory Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Clerkship Objectives

  • Develop data gathering skills that is focused, complaint driven, accurate and thorough
  • Compile data into problem lists, differential diagnoses, and create a management plan
  • Communicate effectively in within the roles of Doctor-Patient, Learner-Teacher, and within interdisciplinary teams
  • Develop life-long learning skills that focus upon evidence based medicine and critical appraisal of information

Clinical Responsibilities

  • 2 Weeks of Ambulatory Medicine Clinic
  • 2 Weeks of EM Shifts
  • 1 Cardinal Free Clinic shift


  • Four Ambulatory didactic sessions (Monday mornings)
  • Two EMED simulation sessions (1st and 3rd Monday afternoons)
  • Interesting Case presentation (Last Friday)
  • Multiple choice final exam (Last Friday)
  • Asynchronous learning modules
  • Resident Core Conference (Wednesdays - optional)

Recommended Resources

An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine by G. Garmel and S.V. Mahadevan

Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient by Allan H. Goroll and Albert G. Mulley Jr

* (available on eLane Library)

CDEM Curriculum

Evaluation and Grading

  • Multiple Choice Question Exam
  • Clinical Preceptor Evaluations
  • EMED End of Shift Evaluations
  • Completed Assignments
  • Didactics Participation and Discussion


Jacqueline Tai-Edmonds, MD
co-Clerkship Director

Nounou Taleghani, MD PhD
co-Clerkship Director


Maria Alfonso
Clerkship Coordinator

e: Maria Alfonso
t: (650) 497-6702
f: (650) 723-0121
900 Welch Rd.
Suite 350, Palo Alto, CA 94304