Emergency Medicine Advanced Elective



At Stanford University, students act as the primary emergency medicine physician for their patients and coordinate all aspects of their care under the direct supervision of the Emergency Medicine faculty. Clinical shift work takes place at the state-of-the-art Marc and Laura Andreessen Emergency Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Students are also exposed to a variety of didactics outside of the clinical arena to develop a strong foundation of medical knowledge and skillset in Emergency Medicine. Didactics include Suture and Splint Lab, Flipped Classroom, Ultrasound, and Simulation.

Clerkship Objectives

  • Construct an approach to clinical management of the critically ill patient
  • Demonstrate excellent clinical skills and patient care
  • Develop strong foundational skills in medical knowledge
  • Build Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Model professionalism

Clinical Responsibilities

  • 14 eight-hour clinical shifts in The Marc and Laura Andreessen Emergency Department
  • Procedure and Patient Logbook

SCORE Program

  • Stanford School of Medicine and the Department of Emergency Medicine recognize the power of diversity and its impact on the future of healthcare. As such, we are working with the Office of Medical Student Affairs to provide an exceptional opportunity for visiting medical students who are underrepresented in medicine to apply for our Emergency Medicine elective EMED 313A.

  • Please refer to the Department of Emergency Medicine SCORE website for details about the program.


Core Curriculum Conference

Students are given opportunity to learn alongside Stanford EM Residents and Faculty through Wednesday Core Curriculum.


Students learn the art of suturing and splinting in a hands-on workshop led by Stanford Emergency Department Faculty. 

Flipped Classroom

The Stanford Faculty lead rotating students through a high-yield and interactive flipped classroom session which reinforces the important decision making and medical management of Emergency Department patients.

Interesting Case Presentation

Students can showcase the knowledge gained during clinical shift through case presentations.


Medical Students become proficient in bedside ultrasound skills through clinical shifts and dedicated workshop time.


The Stanford Students undergo an immersive learning experience through high fidelity simulation.

Recommended Resources

Evaluation and Grading

  • Attendance to all didactics and clinical shifts are mandatory
  • End of Shift evaluations
  • Written examination
  • Interesting Case Presentation
  • High Fidelity Simulation

Visiting Students

Visiting medical students are welcome! Please contact Maria Alfonso (malfonso@stanford.edu) for more information.

Preapproval process is coordinated by Maria Alfonso, please email her at (malfonso@stanford.edu). Preapproval is required only for Periods 1-3. Do not submit an application for periods 1-3 without obtaining preapproval first. Preapproval for Periods 1-3 starts March 1st and ends March 31st. Preapproval is on a rolling basis.

For all other periods, please go directly to the Stanford Visting Student Clerkship Page.

Clerkship Period Dates [LINK]

Visting Student Clerkship Page [LINK]


Peter Acker, MD, MPH
co-Clerkship Director

Nikita Joshi, MD
co-Clerkship Director


Maria Alfonso
Clerkship Coordinator

e: Maria Alfonso
t: (650) 497-6702
f: (650) 723-0121
900 Welch Rd.
Suite 350, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Mission Statement

Our vision is to be at the forefront of emergency medical care by actively engaging our patients, community and healthcare system, while fostering a vibrant and balanced environment for our faculty and learners.

Our success is driven by the finest clinicians, researchers, and educators and their pursuit of state-of-the-art clinical care, transformative research, dynamic education, and compassionate service to our communities, at home and abroad.