SAEM 2016

New Orleans, LA

The Stanford University Department of Emergency Medicine faculty and residents take pride in participating and leading educational conferences locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Below highlights recent and upcoming participation of our great educators in Emergency Medicine educational programming.


  • Erik S. Anderson, Suzanne Lippert - High-Impact Hepatitis C Virus Testing for Injection Drug Users (HIT IDU) in an Urban Emergency Department
  • Erik S. Anderson - Urban Emergency Department Patients Lack General Knowledge of Hepatitis C Virus Infection
  • Erik S. Anderson, N. Ewen Wang - Cascade of Care for Emergency Department Patients Identified with Hepatitis C Virus Infection: An Evaluation of Longitudinal Outcomes
  • Erik S. Anderson - Hepatitis C Virus Screening Does Not Increase Emergency Department Length of Stay for Patients Undergoing Laboratory Testing
  • Joseph Einhorn, Mark Christensen, Grant Lipman, Dennis A Grahn, Kate Shea, Craig Heller - A Novel Cooling Method an Comparison of Active Rewarming of Mild Hypothermia
  • Grant Lipman, Daniel Migliaccio, Colin Little, David Young, Brian Krabak - Accuracy of Acute Kidney Injury Measurements in Multi-stage Ultramarathon Runners
  • Daniel Migliaccio, Kimberly Schertzer - Teaching residents how to give feedback
  • William Mulkerin, Prasanthi Govindarajan - Regionalization af Acute Stroke Care and Treatment Outcomes: Trends Over a Five Year Period
  • David Wang - Can a Simple Patient Flyer Drive Palliative Care Referrals from the Emergency Department?
  • David Wang - Palliative Care Starts in the Emergency Department
  • Sarah Williams - The Lecture: I'm Not Dead Yet!



  • Al'ai Alvarez- SAEM Medical Student Symposium Luncheon Panel
  • Al'ai Alvarez- CORDEM Best Practices Committee Meeting
  • Al'ai Alvarez, Jeffrey Chien - Residency and Fellowship Fair
  • Kiersten Carter - CORDEM Residency Track Meeting
  • Kiersten Carter - EMRA Ultrasound Committee
  • Phillip Harter - CORD Simulation Community of Practice Meeting
  • Phillip Harter - CORD 4-Year Residency Community of Practice Meeting
  • Phillip Harter - Faculty Development Committee Meeting
  • Phillip Harter - SAEM Resident Leadership Forum
  • Molly Estes - EMRA Program Representative
  • Prasanthi  Govindarajan - Grants Committee
  • Nikita Joshi - CORDEM Academic Assembly Planning Committee
  • Nikita Joshi - CORD Social Media Committee
  • Shyam Sivasankar - CORDEM Residency Track Meeting
  • Sarah Williams - Faculty Development Committee
  • Sarah Williams - GME Committee


Sarah Williams - Co-Director and Instructor, Medical Education Bootcamp Course

Sarah Williams - Residency and Fellowship Fair