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Biosecurity at Stanford

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Response

SURG 222 / PUBLPOL122/222



How will the US and the Global Healthcare System withstand a bioterrorism attack and what are the parallels to withstanding a pandemic? Are we well prepared? What can we do to prevent an attack? How can we improve the national, state, and local BioSecurity and Bioterrorism Response? These questions and many others are explored in this course. You will learn how the medical/healthcare field, government and the technology sectors are involved in biosecurity and bioterrorism response, how these sectors interface, and the multidisciplinary challenges involved. Since you will be learning about bioterrorism response, you will also be learning about pandemic response given the similarities between these.  Much of the course is focused on current biosecurity challenges, including global bio-surveillance, making the medical diagnosis, isolation, containment, hospital surge capacity, stockpiling and distribution of counter-measures, food and agriculture biosecurity, developing new promising technologies for detection of bio-threats and counter-measures. We will discuss public-private partnerships for the development of countermeasures and relevant biosecurity technologies, and the challenges involved. We will also cover US National Strategy for preventing and responding to a biodefense threat, will review specific US government programs, and will look at the most pressing biosecurity challenges faced by the Obama administration. Class presentations and discussion will feature the experience of practitioners in biosecurity and/or relevant technology, including guest lectures by eminent experts in key areas.

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